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2010 Opening Day at the Aloha’s Vermont Residential Camps

By The Aloha Team

A sky filled with stars over the Lanakila castle.

Aloha counselors ready to meet incoming Aloha maidens on opening day!

Opening Day at Aloha Hive Camp for Girls in Fairlee, Vermont

The welcome crew at Aloha Hive

June 23rd is Opening Day at Aloha, Aloha Hive and Lanakila, the three residential summer camps of The Aloha Foundation. Campers from all over the US as well as many foreign countries arrive by car with their parents, on buses from major cities like Boston and New York as well as by plane into two airports, Manchester, NH for domestic flights, and Logan Airport for international campers.  Camp directors, counselors and staff are all on stand by waiting to meet each arriving camper in a warm, special way.  Happy summer 2010!

Vermont's Lanakila Camp for Boys in Fairlee, Vermont
Barnes Boffey waits for incoming vikings on opening day.