We are so excited to welcome campers and counselors back to camp this summer! Safety is our top priority—always—and we are taking extensive measures to create a self-contained community of healthy people for the entirety of our summer sessions. Parents and families play an essential role in supporting your own camper(s) and helping us create a safe summer community for all. Please see our COVID FAQ page for the latest information.

Below you will find information on packing, tuition payments, health forms, and travel options. Have additional questions? Email Karen Danforth for help with all your camp logistics. All the necessary camp forms are available in the Parent Portal.

Camp directors are also available to discuss your camper’s individual needs and transition to camp:

Aloha Foundation Handbook

General Information, Aloha Foundation Policies, and Important Camp Updates

2021 Dates, Rates, and How to Apply Information

2021 SESSION DATE CHANGES: 1st session will end on Saturday 7/17 (not Sunday) and 2nd session will start on Monday 7/19 (not Tuesday). There will be no Parents’ Weekend in 2021.

Hive Horseback Riding: Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to offer riding at Hive in 2021.

Please be sure to read our COVID FAQ page for the latest updates and guidelines. This page contains important information regarding COVID testing and pre-camp behavior requirements, our visitor policy, and much more. Updated sections are marked by date when we have new information.

Tuition is due May 1. Payments may be submitted via e-check through the Parent Portal. Or, you may mail a check to the Aloha Foundation at 2968 Lake Morey Road, Fairlee, VT 05045.

Aloha Foundation 2021 Terms, Conditions, and Policies

Post-Camp Contact Information (If you would like to request contact information for a member of our camp communities, please complete this form.)



Aloha Foundation Clothing and Equipment

Packing Lists and Uniform Information


UNIFORM PURCHASES: Most items from the packing lists may be purchased from any vendor but our camp vendor is the only place to purchase uniform items with the camp logos. The ordering deadline for uniforms purchased through our vendor is May 21. Orders will be shipped to camp for 1st and full session campers (2nd session camper orders will be shipped to the address you provide).

(2021 will be a transition year, where campers and counselors are permitted to wear items with the old logo at camp.)

UNIFORM RENTALS: We offer a uniform rental package that helps keep down the cost of uniforms (especially since kids grow of out clothing so fast!). Campers may sign up for one uniform rental package which contains 5 shirts (including 1 collared shirt), 3 pairs of shorts, and a warm layer (fleece or sweatshirt depending on availability). This rental package is meant to supplement the purchase of uniform items. You can sign up within the parent portal. The $40 fee will be charged to your camper’s account and the uniform package will be waiting in your camper’s tent or cabin upon their arrival. **Campers receiving financial aid may sign up for free for a uniform package that includes enough uniform items to fully outfit a camper. See more information and sign up in the Parent Portal.

CAMP STORE: Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila campers will be provided a $50.00 Camp Store credit to use as needed during the summer. The store is for essentials only (supplies that may run out during camp, like toiletries, stamps, paper/envelopes, etc.), and we have limited choices available of each item (e.g. two kinds of shampoo, one kind of toothbrush in several colors, etc.). Each store also sells a few items from our packing lists like camp hats, water bottles, insect repellants, and bandanas. On those rare occasions when campers exceed the $50 store credit, an itemized invoice will be sent home to parents at the end of the summer.


Aloha Foundation Health Forms

Health Forms & Information – 2021

Health forms are available within the Parent Portal. You will also need to upload insurance card photos and immunization records within the parent portal. Forms are due May 1. If you have questions, please email Karen Danforth, Associate Director of Enrollment, or Gretchen Cyros, Nursing Supervisor.

Vaccination Policy (our policy is based on VT requirements for schools and may change if VT requirements change)

Campers who take medications while at camp will need a Medication Order Form. Forms should be uploaded to the parent portal. Click here for more information about medications at camp and a list of our standing orders.

Ivy Oaks Analytics Certification for Tick, Mosquito, and Poison Ivy Control

(Click on the link and scroll to view each of the one-page plans for Aloha, Lanakila, and Hive.)
We are committed to improving our already high program standards and have partnered with Ivy Oaks Analytics, a public health company that works with over 100 summer camps and specializes in the control of ticks, mosquitoes, and poison ivy. Although these have never been a major issue at our camps, we feel strongly that we have an obligation to do everything in our power to reduce these risks.

Getting to Aloha Camps

Transportation and Luggage Information – 2021

Transportation to and from camp will look different this year. As a COVID-19 precaution, we are asking all families to drop off and pick up their children by car, when possible. We will not be able to pick campers up from buses or trains or meet arriving/departing flights at airports. We are not allowing campers to travel independently to camp this summer. 

We do expect to be able to run several buses filled to 50% capacity from NYC to Vermont for Opening and Closing Days (June 23 and August 11). You may sign up within the Parent Portal. The $100 bus fee (each way) will be added to your camper’s account and is due on May 1. **This fee is waived for campers receiving financial aid.

For campers arriving by car, each camp will have multiple drop-off zones on Opening Day, which will be staffed by a member of our health house team and camp staff. Families will be assigned a drop-off zone and a drop-off time and will leave their campers and luggage at the drop-off point. We expect drop-off to take about 20 minutes. We will do our best to coordinate drop-off times for families bringing campers to more than one camp. You may indicate your preferred time for drop-off within the Parent Portal. Your assigned time will be shared with you closer to Opening Day.

In addition to the NYC chartered bus, we may be able to offer a few limited transportation options to campers whose parents are unable to pick them up at camp at the end of their session. Contact Karen Danforth to discuss your options.

View or print driving directions.

Contact Karen Danforth with questions about travel.

To purchase camp trunks (recommended size: 32” x 18” x 13.5”), follow the links below for a discount at Everything Summer Camp. International campers may sign up to rent a trunk through the parent portal. The trunk rental includes a bedding package with sheets, blankets, a pillow, and towels and costs $40 for the summer. **Campers receiving financial aid may also sign up for a trunk and bedding rental package at no cost.

Need to ship your camper’s luggage to camp? Plan to have trunks arrive at camp AFTER June 15. Please ship to the camp address (not the Foundation Office).

Aloha: 2039 Lake Morey Road, Fairlee, VT 05045

Hive: 3295 VT Route 244, Fairlee, VT 05045

Lanakila: 2899 Lake Morey Road, Fairlee, VT 05045

Need to ship your camper’s luggage home after camp? Sign up for our UPS shipping service through Hanover True Value Hardware to ship your trunk home after camp: UPS shipping form