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Camp Photos

Aloha Foundation’s Camp Photo of the week ~ Fairlee, Vermont

By The Aloha Team

A sky filled with stars over the Lanakila castle.
Vermont Shanty Shane Cottage in Winter 1929
A March 1929 winter greeting shows a Shanty Shane cabin wreathed with snow.

Ohana Camp was built in the early 1900s primarily as lodging for families with children at the many summer camps then operating around Lake Fairlee. Known originally as Shanty Shane, the property was described in a brochure of the day as a “vacation camp for adults and families in the hills of the high country west of the Connecticut River, with cozy little houses built for two or more, and a main hall on such a height as to afford a view unsurpassed in New England.”  Shanty Shane offered many amenities to city dwellers eager for the cool breezes of a Vermont summer.  One of the amenities at that time, although no longer offered, but hidden in the nearby undergrowth, was a nine-hole practice golf course!

Although the snug cabins are not winterized, Ohana Camp remains a beautiful place to explore either in summer or winter.