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Camp Photos

Aloha Foundation’s Camp Photo of the week ~ Fairlee, Vermont

By The Aloha Team

A sky filled with stars over the Lanakila castle.
Aloha Camp girls ready to explore Vermont trails from the beloved Woodchuck Hole.

For generations of Aloha Camp girls, the Woodchuck Hole is the center of camp life. Centrally located on the hillside, it is possible that nearly every Aloha camper has set off, at least once, on a wonderful outdoor adventure from this hub of activity.

Whether departing for a week-long pack trip in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, or a day trip to Camel’s Hump in Vermont’s Green Mountains, many memories began with the boisterous departure from the Woodchuck Hole.

In the era when this photo was taken, girls enjoyed the breezy ride to the trailhead on a lumpy mattress, singing at top volume to be heard. Today’s Aloha maidens buckle up in camp vans for safe passage, but the foray ahead will be just as sweet.