Vermont Lanakila Camp for Boys Hiking Preparation
1958 Lanakila Vikings are geared up and ready to hit the road.

These four Lanakila campers look ready to head out of camp, perhaps on a cabin overnight with their well-prepared counselor.  Given the size and weight of the water containers, they probably weren’t going too far from camp! Whatever their destination, they were certain to have a wonderful adventure and put to use new skills taught in the Campcraft Department.

One thought on “Aloha Foundation’s Camp Photo of the week ~ Fairlee, Vermont

  1. I know at least of those people. It’s Dave Woodrow (blond) and they are standing behind the counselor room and next to the old screened in porch that used to be where the side of the kitchen near the parking lot is now. That old porch was a neat place to go to get stuff from the kitchen. This picture is likely from the 50’s sometime.

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