We are looking forward to our 114th summer season in 2019 and are so pleased that you will be joining us – or are considering enrolling! Here is some key information about camp dates and tuition.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Danforth in the Aloha Foundation office by email or at (802) 333-3400. Karen is our enrollment expert and is the mom of a Hive camper and a Lanakila camper. We are happy to assist you!

2019 Session Dates for Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila

  • Full Season (7 weeks): Wednesday, June 26 – Wednesday, August 14
  • 1st Session (3 weeks): Wednesday, June 26 – Sunday, July 21
  • 2nd Session (3 weeks): Tuesday, July 23 – Wednesday, August 14
  • Hive Elfin Program (10 days): Tuesday, July 23 – Saturday, August 3

Aloha is for girls who have graduated from 7th–10th grades. Aloha’s Club program is for 10th grade graduates and is full season.

Hive is for girls who have graduated from 1st–6th grades. Hive’s Elfin Program is for first-time Hivers who have graduated from 1st–3rd grades and are interested in a shorter session.

Lanakila’s youngest boys are 3rd grade graduates who are also 8 years 10 months old by July 1. Lanakila’s oldest campers are 8th grade graduates. New 14-year-olds and new 8th grade graduates must attend the full season.

2019 Show Weekend Dates for Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila Parents & Families

  • Show Weekend: Saturday, July 20 – Sunday, July 21

2019 Rates for Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila

A non-refundable deposit of $750 is due at the time of registration. (The deposit is included in tuition rates listed below.) If your child is on the waiting list and does not get a space at camp, the deposit will be returned in full.

  • Full Season: $11,075
  • Half Season: $7,400
  • Hive Elfin Program: $4,900

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to qualified applicants. For more information, please click here.

Billing and Refund Policy

Once a camper is enrolled deposits are non-refundable. Statements will be sent to the parents of the camper, at the home address, unless you specify otherwise. Tuition payments should be made by check, money order or wire transfer. Please contact us if you wish to make other payment arrangements. Tuition is due on February 1 for Aloha, Hive, Lanakila and Elfin campers. Campers enrolled after the tuition due date will be expected to pay tuition within 30 days or prior to the start of camp, whichever is earlier. A finance charge of 1% per month, and any collection fees incurred, may be added to all late payments. Delinquent accounts may result in forfeiture of your camper’s spot at camp and any payments made to date. Families are responsible for the full tuition if withdrawal is made after February 1. No reduction of tuition is made for late arrival, early departure, missed days, withdrawal for emotional or medical reasons, dismissal for misconduct, or any other cause. We reserve the right to dismiss any camper if, in our opinion, this action is in the best interest of the camp. In this instance, no refund will be made.

Store Accounts

Aloha, Hive and Lanakila tuition includes a $50.00 Camp Store credit. Campers may use these funds for supplies or for services received (travel pickups/drop-offs, rental clothing, etc.). Campers who exceed this fund will incur additional charges and will be billed at the end of the summer. The Camp Store credit is not applicable for Hive Elfins.



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