Aloha offers campers an exceptional array of interesting, exciting, and challenging recreational and educational experiences. Some girls choose to expand their interests by trying out numbers of unfamiliar activities. Others choose to develop expertise in a few sports or arts in which they’re particularly passionate. The chance to choose freely among many attractive options for learning and play has been a hallmark of Aloha for more than a century.  It’s a tradition that fosters decision making, goal setting, and pride in acquiring new skills or developing greater mastery of old ones.

Tennis, basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, street hockey — in Landsports, Aloha’s courts and playing fields see lots of action every day, in programs of instruction as well as pick-up matches and inter-camp tournaments.

Aloha campers looking for a special kind of personal challenge have a variety of Climbing options.  In addition to Aloha’s own climb tower, campers can head over to the high and low ropes courses at our nearby “brother” camp, Lanakila, where they take to the air high up in the pine trees, safely secured and belayed, and ride the “zip wire” 100 feet down from the tree tops to the ground.

No matter what you’re doing, it’s harder than most people think to get — and stay — on target. In Archery and Riflery, campers learn concentration and stillness, range finding and aim taking – safely, with experts.

At Aloha, girls can try their hand at Crew,  rowing a sleek fiberglass 4+ (four rowers and a coxswain) across the lake on calm days.  Girls who have no experience at rowing can learn the stroke on a rowing machine, before progressing to basic skills on the water.

In Canoeing, Sailing, and Kayaking, Aloha campers have plied the waters of northern New England since 1905 – from Fairlee’s shores, to Maine’s Rangeley Lakes, and the glorious Adirondacks of New York State. Opportunities abound to hone and practice skills on both flat water and white water, and virtually every Aloha camper acquires paddling, rowing or skippering prowess that leads to a lifetime of enjoyment on the water.

Through Aloha’s instructional and free Swimming, long-distance challenges, competitive meets, and synchronized swimming and diving programs, campers quickly improve their aquatic skills.  Safe and spirited swimming is a daily priority at Aloha — and there are few things better on a hot summer day than a splash in Lake Morey’s cool water.

In Performing Arts you can play a part in the big summer musical, a talent show or unit skit. Plan a special entertainment night, complete with fanciful, camp-made costumes. Aloha specializes in home grown theatrical fun. Dance by the lake just for fun, or create a whole performance – it’s up to you. At Aloha, girls rock! And plié! And tap! And do-si-do!

Music brings us together joyfully to celebrate our spirit, and sing each other’s praises. Camp just wouldn’t be camp without the wonderful camaraderie and individual expression the creative arts bring to the community. At meals, on a mountain trail, around a campfire – we’re always singing at camp!

For many Aloha campers, the Art Barn is the place to bring creativity to life in the visual arts – in ceramics, drawing, painting, copper enameling, weaving, quilting, woodworking, photography, basketry, papier-mâché, sculpture, stage set design, and more. The barn itself is one of the original buildings of our campus, lovingly refurbished in 2013 to add work space while maintaining the treasured rustic feel of the original posts and beams. The expressive possibilities are endless and the creative enthusiasm high.

Campcraft is at the heart of Aloha. Fire building, campfire cooking, knot-tying, tent-pitching, axemanship, trail adventure hikes, swamp-tromps – there is always so much going on in the Woodchuck Hole – whether it’s trying out lots of different fun things or becoming an expert outdoorswoman.

With over twelve hundred acres of fields, hills, lakefronts and forest on offer at Aloha, it’s no wonder our girls love to go out on trips. But we don’t just stay here on camp property. Girl Leaders and their counselors plan Wilderness Adventures lasting anywhere from one day to five, fanning out across the mountains, lakes and rivers of northern New England. Through day trips and overnights, Aloha introduces girls to an array of wilderness camping experiences in hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, and biking. Time spent on rivers, lakes, and trails provides opportunities for girls to practice both hard and soft skills, from fire-building and map-reading to problem-solving, self-reliance, and resilience. And what more beautiful environment could there be in which learn and hone those skills than our natural corner of the world?