Days at Aloha are filled with choices. A camper may, for example, decide to work on an art project and learn a new skill in canoeing in the morning, then swim and play tennis in the afternoon. A girl may choose to participate in a small or large group activity or focus her attention on a solo endeavor – or a mix of all of those. So many exciting options exist! Our Monday through Saturday daily schedule is below, followed by our Sunday routine.

DAILY SCHEDULE (Monday-Saturday)

7:00 am Reveille – time to get up!

7:25 am Table girl

7:40 am Down the hill

7:45 am Flag raising and breakfast

8:40 am Squad

9:00—9:50 am Assembly

9:55—10:55 am First activity period

11:00 am—12:00 pm Second activity period

12:00 pm Free time/counselor swim

12:25 pm Table girl

12:40 pm Down the hill

12:45 pm Lunch/then mail

1:50 pm Rest hour

2:50 pm End of rest hour

2:55—3:55 pm Third activity period

4:00—5:00 pm Fourth activity period

5:00 pm Free time/change for dinner

5:40 pm Table girl

5:50 pm Down the hill

5:55 pm Flag lowering and dinner

7:00 pm Evening program

8:15 pm Evening circle

8:50 pm Tattoo bugle (10 minutes before Taps)

9:00 pm Taps

8:00 am Lazy breakfast or Winships cookout

10:00—11:00 am Sunday surprises and free time for campers

11:25 am Down the hill

11:30 am Sunday assembly

12:45 pm Sunday lunch

1:50—3:30 pm Rest hour

3:30—5:00 pm Tent family time

5:00—6:30 pm Unit suppers/unit time

6:45 pm Wedding ring

8:20 pm Tattoo bugle (10 minutes before Taps)

8:30 pm Taps

8:45 pm Counselor meeting in the Hale