The Aloha Foundation is happy to introduce two new programs this spring for 2020 campers. Both of these programs are designed to connect your camper with our wonderful counselors, and to help provide your family with some support in the last couple of months before summer.

Program #1


As we finish up the school year, if your child is looking for a little more academic support or if (as a parent) you are finding that homeschooling is not your forte, we’ve got incredible academic tutors—who happen to be your former summer camp counselors—waiting to step in with the assist. We will be working with GiftEd Tutoring, an organization founded and run by a current camp staff member, and incorporating the counseling model of the Aloha camps.

Hive Summer 2019 Counselor and Camper

Tutors — highly qualified camp counselors from Summer 2019 with a specialty in their subject matter.

Weekly Commitment — support and timing can be scheduled to fit the needs of your family and your student.

Cost — depends on age and subject matter, and a limited amount of financial aid is available for tutoring. This is a premium service, but you will find our rates to be extremely competitive in the tutoring market. A director will talk you through the pricing tiers.

Next step — read more about GiftEd here, and then if you are interested please fill out the registration form below. You will be contacted by the director of the program within 24 hours.

Program #2


We are happy to offer campers one of the best parts of camp—being part of a small tent or cabin family! In this program, small groups of campers will be matched with 2 senior counselors to meet periodically and share the legendary Aloha support and friendship. This is so important right now as we all yearn for connection with others.

Tell me more about this program!

Basecamp groups will be a safe and grounding space for campers to connect with beloved counselors. These small groups of 4-8 campers will provide support, guidance, closeness, and fun! Though Basecamp groups will only be meeting periodically, we hope that they will still form close bonds and be able to share with each other in an intimate, supportive, and enthusiastic fashion.

Just like at camp, counselors will guide the group through activities, conversations, and various other types of sharing and support. While counselors will individualize these activities based on the age and needs of the group, they may take the form of games, shared meals, reflections on the day, stories, or other interactive elements.

How often do Basecamp groups meet, and when?

For this first round, Basecamp groups will meet 6 times over the course of the 2 weeks, and while the expectation is that every member of the group attends every session, if there is a slot that proves impossible, the group will accommodate this absence (as if a camper was on an overnight trip – there’d be an empty bed that night!). The schedule can be found below. Each session will typically last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Session 1: Wednesday, May 20: 4:00 pm

Session 2: Thursday, May 21: 12:00 pm lunch

Session 3: Friday, May 22: 4:00 pm

Session 4: Monday, May 25: 7:00 pm

Session 5: Wednesday, May 27: 4:00 pm

Session 6: Friday, May 29: 7:00 pm

Who are the counselors, and what is their background?

Each Basecamp group will have 2 full-time counselors, and both will attend every meeting. In this first 2-week session, both counselors will be some of our most senior, experienced staff from 2019 (and in most cases, from many years previous). These veteran staff members are already well-trained in Success Counseling and other educational models, but they have received additional training and education, including content in online safety and online group management. Additionally, counselors will be checking in with a Director throughout the week. The 2 lead counselors for each group will spend some time every day debriefing with each other and planning ahead.

What is the cost of this program?

For Basecamp, the cost is on a sliding scale based on income and need (ranging from $100 to $250). You will receive an email with payment instructions after a camper is accepted.

What does it mean that this is a “pilot” program?
In this first 2-week session, we will be accepting a limited number of campers as we prepare this program for a larger summer expansion. OUR SPRING PILOT PROGRAM IS FULL. CHECK BACK LATER FOR SUMMER SESSION DATES.

What is my next step?
If you would like to apply for the tutoring program, please fill out the form below. We are not accepting applications for the summer basecamp program at this time but stayed tuned for summer session dates.

Application Form

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