As we finish up the school year, if your child is looking for a little more academic support or if (as a parent) you are finding that homeschooling is not your forte, we’ve got incredible academic tutors—who happen to be your former summer camp counselors—waiting to step in with the assist. We want to share a great organization with you, GiftEd Tutoring, an organization founded and run by a current camp staff member, and incorporating the counseling model of the Aloha camps. Please note that this is not an Aloha Foundation program.

Hive Summer 2019 Counselor and Camper

Tutors — highly qualified camp counselors from Summer 2019 with a specialty in their subject matter.

Weekly Commitment — support and timing can be scheduled to fit the needs of your family and your student.

Cost — depends on age and subject matter, and a limited amount of financial aid is available for tutoring. This is a premium service, but you will find our rates to be extremely competitive in the tutoring market. A director will talk you through the pricing tiers.

Next step — read more about GiftEd here, and then if you are interested please fill out the registration form below. You will be contacted by the director of the program within 24 hours.


Tutoring Application

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