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Camp News

Black History Month Spotlight: Yolanda Renee King

By The Aloha Team

A group of Hive campers singing and holding sings reading "votes for women" in a production of Mary Poppins.

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of black Americans, as well as a tool for transformation and change.

Today, we share the story of a community member who inspires us:  11-year-old camper Yolanda Renee King, an activist working for change and blazing a path for people of all ages to make their voices heard. Yolanda is the granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr.

At the Aloha Foundation, we want all of our campers, staff, parents, participants, guests, and friends to feel accepted, validated, and appreciated for who they are. We also want to do our part to better serve communities with different histories and experiences. This month and in the future, we will be telling you more about what we’re working on to make our camps and programs a more inclusive space for everyone.

Read Yolanda’s interview with Vice here.