“We had some important visitors on campus one day who were going to join us for a meal. I overhead a conversation between some senior counselors who were discussing where to seat them in the dining hall. They started mapping out the placement by figuring which tables had good table heads. Then they began planning the seating around what brown kids were sitting where and where they were from. One table mentioned was mine. Listening, it sounded like kids and counselors were being used as pawns to show the population was diverse. I did not sit at my table that day because I didn’t want to be entertainment for our guests. I was in plain view when I overheard this and they still had no qualms about saying what they were saying. I had many other racist things happen to me or around me as a counselor there, but this one was the most hurtful and changed the way I viewed camp forever. Was I there because I was good at what I did or because they needed to up their numbers and fill a quota? Another Black counselor—check!”
—Aloha Counselor, 2019

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