Humans of Aloha—Hive, Counselor, 2019

“On my first day back at camp after a day off, I was expecting a prank from my campers. I sat down at lunch and a camper called me another counselor’s name. The first thing that came to my brain was that this was the prank and I told her ‘Hahaha, is this my camper’s prank’ I’ll play along. She looked at me really confused and was like ‘no, sorry, I really thought you were another counselor.’ The name she called me was that of another Latina counselor. We look nothing alike and we work in different departments. In that moment I had brushed it off, it hadn’t registered to me but now…. It feels weird. Wow, I feel a little sad. It is upsetting. People of color don’t all look the same. I don’t know, I’m sad thinking about it. What must’ve been going on in her brain to say yeah, you’re the same? I just hope it doesn’t happen again.”

—Hive, Counselor, 2019

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