Humans of Aloha—Aloha, Camper, 2018

“I was getting the lice check you get before the end of first session and the person doing the check started off by saying, ‘Wow, you have so much hair.’ Whatever, I get those comments a lot and it could’ve been meant in a weird way but fine. Then she started saying things like ‘I don’t even know what I would do if I had your hair. How do you deal with it?’ She was asking me a lot of different questions and it felt very inappropriate for the situation. I felt like she was implying straight hair was good hair and my texture wasn’t. I was definitely hurt by that and very uneasy after that. I was more shocked than anything. She did lice checks for more than just me so would have encountered other black hair and I was wondering if she had asked others those questions before. That interaction really bothered me.”

—Aloha, Camper, 2018

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