“During my summer off after Lakeside, I came back to camp for Show Weekend with my parents to get the taste of Lanakila that I had been missing. Something was stolen on camp property that weekend. A senior staff member asked me if I knew anything about it – my response was ‘no’ and I thought that would be the end of the conversation. Several more times throughout the weekend, the same staff member asked me about the item and my answer was still the same. He even sat me down with another counselor and we talked about it for 10 minutes. It felt as though they believed because I was a young black kid in baggy clothes I must be lying or had something to do with it.

This situation mirrors interactions I have had with police in which I have been questioned, given an honest answer, then treated as though I had just lied to them. I never thought a place my family trusted enough to help raise their children every summer would turn around betraying that trust and treat me like a criminal.”

—Lanakila, Alumnus, 2005

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