Paper Applications

Dates & Tuition, Age Guidelines

If you have questions about our camp programs, please email Ellen Bagley in the Foundation Office or call 802-333-3400.

If you have questions about the enrollment process or about camp forms, please email Karen Danforth in the Foundation Office or call 802-333-3400.

Parent Handbooks

2017 Parent Handbooks, questionnaires and school reports coming soon!

Travel Forms

2017 Travel forms coming soon!

Health Forms & Information

2017 Health forms and vaccination policy coming soon!

Clothing & Equipment

2017 Clothing & Equipment lists & Clothing & Trunk Rental cards and information coming soon!

   Clothing & Trunk Rental Cards

   Camp Trunks

(recommended size: 32” x 18” x 13.5”)

Horseback Riding (Hive only)

Horseback Riding, offered at Hive, is available for an extra fee and takes place at Open Acre Ranch in Fairlee.  We are currently working on improvements to the Hive Riding Program.  Details will be available soon.

Sports Camp (Aloha only)

Dartmouth Sports Camps – 2017 information coming soon for Peak Field Hockey Camp.

Please email Karen Danforth when you sign up.