Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. We add to this throughout the year, so please check back occasionally! Have additional questions? Contact Karen Danforth or 802-333-3400, ext. 3101.

Aloha Foundation Handbook

General Information, Aloha Foundation Policies, and Important Camp Updates

Vaccination requirements for camp year 2020

Aloha Foundation 2020 Terms, Conditions, and Policies (Please review all policies before applying for camp.)

Camp Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Director Email Addresses

Communicating with Your Camper (Policy on Packages, Mail, Phone Calls, and Visits)

Post-Camp Contact Information (If you would like to request contact information for a member of our camp communities, please complete this form.)



Getting to Aloha Camps

Transportation and Luggage Information – 2019

2020 transportation options and prices will be posted in January. If you like to plan ahead, please reach out to Karen Danforth to work out your camper’s 2020 travel plans.

View or print driving directions.

Need to ship your camper’s luggage home after camp? Sign up for our UPS shipping service through Hanover True Value Hardware: UPS shipping form



Aloha Foundation Health Forms

Health Forms & Information – 2019

A healthy camp is a happy camp. Here are some reminders and tips from our camp nurses.

Health House phone numbers and notification policy

Ivy Oaks Analytics Certification for Tick, Mosquito, and Poison Ivy Control NEW in 2018
(Click on the link and scroll to view each of the one-page plans for Aloha, Lanakila, and Hive.)
We are committed to improving our already high program standards and have partnered with Ivy Oaks Analytics, a public health company that works with over 100 summer camps and specializes in the control of ticks, mosquitoes, and poison ivy. Although these have never been a major issue at our camps, we feel strongly that we have an obligation to do everything in our power to reduce these risks.

Aloha Foundation Clothing and Equipment

Packing Information – 2019

Check back later this winter for 2020 packing information!

2019 packing lists are available here for your reference only (expect a few changes for 2020 – including our NEW logo!):

To purchase camp trunks (recommended size: 32” x 18” x 13.5”), follow the links below for a discount at Everything Summer Camp. International campers may sign up to rent a trunk through your CampDoc account. The trunk rental includes a bedding package with sheets, blankets, a pillow, and towels.


Aloha Foundation Paper Forms and Applications

School Reports

School Report for new campers (for your camper’s teacher to fill out):