Hive artsWhat is available at the Camp Store?  Your camper has a $50 credit at the Aloha, Hive, or Lanakila Camp Store. The “store” is for necessities only: toothpaste, stamps, water bottles and other personal items. Campers will not require cash at any time. If your camper spends more than $50 at the Camp Store, you will receive an end-of-camp statement reflecting the balance owed. 

When is Show Weekend?  Please see our Show Weekend page for last summer’s schedule and helpful tips. The 2020 schedule will be posted later this winter.

Do the camps provide photos of camp online during the summer? We want to share the summer with parents in a way that conveys the fun and activities campers experience from day to day. However, we do not try to photograph every camper every week, so cannot guarantee that you will see your son or daughter in the photo collections posted weekly online. We share this intention so that parents will have realistic expectations of our summer “albums.” To view camp photos, please visit our website. (Passwords are shared with parents via email. There is a link on our website to request a password reminder at

Can I give my camper’s counselor a tip?  The Aloha Foundation, consistent with the policies of the American Camp Association, does not permit counselors to accept gifts or gratuities. A personal note to your camper’s counselor is always very appreciated. A gift to The Aloha Foundation’s Annual Fund in honor of a particular counselor is another thoughtful alternative and highly prized by staff.

How can I obtain contact information for a camper or counselor from last summer? While we do not share address lists, we are happy to help facilitate post-camp communications for our campers and counselors. Please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch shortly:  Post-Camp Contact Request