Week 2: Go Wild!

This week we invite you to get outside or even just open a window to appreciate the sounds, sights, and smells of the outdoors. At camp, our connection with nature and time outdoors is central to learning about our best selves and our place in the world. Wherever you are this week, take a walk, plan a hike, get out on the water, learn a new wilderness skill, or just remember to stop, look, and listen for a few minutes.  

Check out our Get Out In Nature Guidebook. Identify plants, trees, insects, critters, and clouds seen around camp. What do you see where you live?
Want to brush up on your canoe strokes (or learn for the first time)?  Learn alongside some of our counselor experts in this video!
Listen to this week’s theme-inspired counselor Spotify playlist! What is your favorite nature-inspired song?
Need to build a campfire?  It’s not so hard — just spend a few minutes with Alana here!
Reading a map isn’t as hard as it seems!  Follow along with Nick and learn some easy tips.
Get exploring with a scavenger hunt! Click here to see and print 4 different variations or create your own.
Horizons counselors show you how to recreate some elements of an overnight in your own backyard!
Draw, paint or sketch something you can see from your bedroom. Send us your artwork!
A team of counselors cleaned up Aloha’s Crawford campsite and added some nice features.  Take a look at their hard work!
Want to see how easy it is to make an incredible rock sculpture, wherever you are?  Watch these true artists in action!
Make this delicious, nature-inspired Dirt Dessert recipe and share it with you family.
Take a hike! Plan a day hike or a longer trip. You can use the tutorials and recipes from this week to help.
Create art in and from nature with Izzy. She’ll inspire you with the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy.
Journal idea: Write about a great experience you have had outside or maybe, what nature means to you, what you can do to protect the natural world.
Listen to and learn the Vermont State Song (“These Green Mountains”).
Have a “date” with nature. Take a walk, sit quietly, breathe deeply, and observe what’s going on around you. Create a sound map of what you hear.
Research a National Park, learn about the history of our national park system and what they offer. Do you think it’s important to protect these spaces?
Did you see and do last week’s activities? Check them out here!
Share what you’ve been doing this summer! Send us a photo, video, or email at campconnections@ alohafoundation.org