Our large play field and basketball courts offer the perfect spot for girls to get involved in many different Landsports. From soccer to sponge tag, campers head to the activity of their choice for skill building and fun! Soccer, Softball, Lacrosse, basketball and Rounders are just a few of the sports talented counselors come to camp ready to teach Hivers. Campers enjoy small group instruction in different areas and have many opportunities to play an “intramural” soccer game with each other and other camps. The emphasis on sports being self improvement, cooperation and sportsmanship. Set deep in the woods at the top of camp property Hive has a challenging and safe ropes course. Our trained staff helps girls learn all the skills necessary to take on the individual and group challenges a ropes can provide.

Tennis is played on three beautiful hard surfaced tennis courts. Through fun games and 1:1 to small group instruction, campers have the chance to learn beginning to advanced skills in Tennis. Each summer campers participate in a fun Camper / Counselor tennis tournament! There are also other opportunities for campers to work towards playing in a tennis tournament with one of our other camps.

Archery is set in a beautiful spot in the woods. Girls learn and practice skills on both beginning targets and regulation distance targets. Each girl receives individual and group instruction from experienced counselors, including all safety procedures. The girls quickly progress to enjoy informal tournaments with each other. Archery is popular at Hive.

Horseback Riding at Aloha Hive takes place at a local riding center. Campers at all riding levels will have the opportunity to take lessons and learn skills on a trail ride.  We suggest that your daughter sign up for no more than two riding lessons per week.  Experience has shown us that when girls are out of camp often during each week, they miss some of the important relationship building time with other campers and the community.  If you have questions about this, please email Director Ellie Pennell. Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be offering horseback riding in 2021. 

Swimming lessons are required for all girls at Hive.  From the beginner to the advanced swimmer, counselors are trained to help girls develop skills to become better swimmers and/or continue to develop more advanced skills.  Campers have many opportunities to put their skills to work by training for long distance swims and to participate in swim meets with other local camps.  We welcome hot summer days when we jump in the lake to cool off on “Wacky Wednesday” for fun water games and free swim.  We live on beautiful Lake Fairlee which provides us with an amazing backdrop to enjoy many different water activities.  Each staff member who works on the water front has their Red Cross Life Guard Training Certificate to ensure a summer of safe and fun activities on the water.

Campers can enjoy activity periods in Canoeing while learning different strokes or parts of the boat.  There are many different day trips for campers to choose from and two day canoe trips that go out to local lakes and the Connecticut River.  Trips provide girls with the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in a teaching situation.  Campers and their counselors also take advantage of cool camp mornings on the lake to enjoy breakfast in a canoe in the middle of the lake.

The Kayaking department offers campers the chance to learn beginning kayaking skills on the lake.  There are lake kayaks that provide the stability needed for beginner kayakers to learn the skills needed to have fun and enjoy a paddle around the lake.

In Sailing, Hivers enjoy navigating Lake Fairlee’s waters in Hive’s fleet of stable sailboats. Girls acquire basic skills and confidence with each new voyage from the Hive boathouse.

The Arts and Crafts building provides campers with a wide variety of activities to choose from each day.  From sitting on the dock weaving a basket to working on the back porch doing stained glass, girls can continue to develop skills they already know as well as learn new skills.  Each summer the talented arts counselors each bring new skills, as well as the tried true: jewelry making, weaving, beading, painting and sketching, pottery and so much more.  A camper’s imagination is the only limitation in this very creative department!

Hive has a beautiful building called the Green House where Gymnastics happens every day.  The variety of equipment: high and low beams, vaults, mini tramps, floor mats and more, meet the needs of girls at many different skill levels.  Different dance classes also take place in this beautiful building.  Girls can work toward individual goals as well as working together to do a performance for the entire camp.  The thrill of soaring over a vault for the first time can be just the confidence booster some girls need to begin the all important journey of self discovery.

The Comb is home to Performing Arts.  Each summer during the first half of camp, all campers have the opportunity to try out for and be a part of a full scale performance for parents and campers to enjoy over Show Weekend.  From being on stage to helping with sets and stage management, there is something for everyone if they want to be a part of the show.  The safe and fun community that is created at camp provides all campers with the comfort of taking a risk to being on stage for maybe the first time.  It also allows those campers with drama skills to continue to grow and learn new skills in the area of acting.  There are also many opportunities for campers to be a part of a small skit, learn some improvisational skills and work on any number of other acting skills.

Music and singing is at the heart of the Hive experience for every camper and counselor.  We sing in the dining room, during morning assembly and you never know when you might be serenaded by a group of canoers.  From loud, big times to quiet reflective time, music and song finds its way into all our hearts at Hive.

The Wilderness Department encompasses outdoor living skills: making and cooking over a fire, setting up tents, learning pack out skills for trips, preparing a route to hike, maintaining the Hive Garden and learning about the natural world around us.  The skills campers learn in camp are transferred to the many trips out of camp offered each summer to all girls.  Between tent overnights and hikes to the beautiful Vermont and New Hampshire Mountains, Hivers go on about 40 trips each summer. Trips range from day hikes to three day pack trips.

In Hive’s Farm & Garden program, campers split their time between learning about, and caring for our goats, pigs, chickens and sheep, weeding and harvesting from the raised garden beds, and finally, making food and products from the abundance these plants and animals provided.  Highlights for the girls include spending time in the camp kitchen making pickles, deviled eggs (herbs from our garden, eggs from the chickens), goat cheese, ice cream, salads and more.  Hivers also learn to process and spin wool, collaborating with the Wilderness Department to dye wool in a pot over a fire, using natural materials such as flowers, beets, and bark gathered around camp. In 2012 the department added beekeeping.

Girls are completely involved in all aspects of caring for the animals and gardens, with goat-milking being the most popular choice!  Hivers also enjoy working on fencing, corralling the animals when needed, and feeding.  In the summer of 2011, Hivers built two new raised beds, hammered together and filled with soil and compost, shovel by shovel.  This will be something that in years to come they can point to and say, “I helped build that.”

Hive’s Farm and Garden Department instills in campers an awareness and appreciation of where food comes from, and demonstrates a full circle system where they see plants growing and then they create meals with those very vegetables, and then compost the waste and put it right into our soil to increase fertility. Girls feel a strong sense of empowerment and responsibility, and of course just as important, we have fun!