Days at Hive are just the way campers like them: busy and filled with fun. Below you’ll find the typical Monday through Saturday camp schedule, followed by our Sunday routine, which starts with a Hiver favorite: “lazy breakfast”! 

DAILY SCHEDULE (Monday-Saturday)

7:15 am Reveille – Time to get up!

7:30 am “KP” (kitchen patrol – when an assigned group of campers and counselors help set tables for breakfast) 

7:45 am Down the hill

7:55 am Flag raising

8:00 am Breakfast  

8:45 am Tent clean-up  

9:30 am Assembly 

10:00–11:00 am First activity period 

11:00 am-12:00 pm Second activity period 

12:00–1:00 pm Hiver free time on the hillside 

1:00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Rest hour 

3:00–4:00 pm Third activity period 

4:00–5:00 pm Fourth activity period 

5:00–5:50 pm Everyone on the hillside, prepare for evening program 

6:00 pm Dinner 

6:40 pm Camp capers (camp clean-up) 

7:00-7:50 pm Evening program (Monday is always Rainbow’s End) 

7:55 pm Friendship circle 

8:00–8:15 pm On the hillside – “flush and brush” time 

8:15 pm Tattoo bugle – time to settle in to tents/shacks 

8:40 pm TAPS – Goodnight all!



8:30 am Lazy breakfast 

9:15 am Tent clean-up

10:00 am Hiver free time on hillside

11:00 am All get ready for Sunday Assembly 

11:30 am Sunday assembly 

12:30 pm Sunday lunch 

2:00 pm Rest hour 

3:30 pm Tent family time 

5:00 pm Unit time

6:00 pm Picnic dinners by unit 

6:45-7:45 pm Unit time 

7:45-8:00 pm  Flush and brush 

8:00 pm Tattoo bugle – time to settle in to tents/shacks 

8:15 pm Counselor serenade to campers      

8:45 pm TAPS – Goodnight all!