At Hive, we believe that every camper can learn, grow and choose to be the person she wants to be in a non-competitive, mutually supportive environment. We reflect daily on our relationships with one another, and with the natural world all around us. Woven together, these relationships become the fabric of our experience, and we wear it proudly. Each day we stretch ourselves, physically as well as socially, to learn new skills that earn the respect and confidence of our peers and mentors. And summer after summer we strive to become role models for the campers and counselors who follow in our footsteps.

Through all we are and do at Hive, we honor those who have made it possible for us to come together in the beauty and simplicity of nature for summers of growth and joy: parents, teachers, excellent friends, and everyone who has helped Hive live and thrive for more than 100 years.