Our Lake Fairlee waterfront is a popular place to be, especially on hot, sunny summer days!  Through small group Swimming lessons with our experienced staff and fun free swim games, campers see improvements in skill and comfort.  The Boating department offers campers the opportunity to learn paddling skills while exploring the lake in canoes and kayaks. In Sailing, Horizons’ fleet of small, stable sailboats is used by novice sailors under the supervision and instruction of counselors or soloed by campers who have passed their skippers test.  Campers interested in racing enjoy joining sailing regattas with other camps on the lake.  Every counselor who works on the waterfront is a Red Cross certified Life Guard to ensure a safe and fun summer on the lake.

Horizons’ large fields, tennis courts, and basketball court see lots of action every day in our Field Games and Court Sports departments.  Soccer, tennis, quidditch, street hockey, dodgeball, knockout, parachute games, relay races, and crazy obstacle courses are just a few favorites.  We enjoy friendly competition with an emphasis on cooperation and sportsmanship.

Another popular sport at Horizons is Gymnastics in a large, airy studio with a variety of equipment including beams, floor mats, low bars, and spring boards.  Campers learn to safely tumble, vault, and balance through skills practice, challenge games, and working to meet personal goals.

Archery is set on a range with a three mile valley view.  Quality instruction focusing on safety and proper form is combined with fun activities like archery golf, balloon shoots, and informal tournaments with our sister camps.

The arts are everywhere at Horizons! Each day is started with an all-camp assembly in The Lodge, home to our Drama & Music department.  At assembly we all sing together and share individual performances and group skits.  Throughout the day The Lodge continues to be filled with campers trying out whacky improv, crazy costumes, puppet shows, and silly skits.  Those looking for even more theater, might act or work behind the scenes on set and costumes for our mini-musical performance for parents.

The Arts & Crafts barn is filled with the creativity, imagination, inspiration, and materials to needed to create individual and group projects out of cloth, wood, clay, paint, beads, leather, metal, yarn, and more.  The possibilities are endless!

Exploring the natural word is an important part of the Horizons experience.  In the Nature department campers take advantage of our forests, wet lands, meadows, and river banks to learn about the plants and creatures that share our campus.  The Tripping department takes campers into the beautiful hills and mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire for wilderness hiking adventures. Older campers also learn camping skills on an overnight trip and venture to our sister camps on Lake Morey to challenge themselves and support each other on a high ropes course or climbing tower.