Horizons helloEach summer morning, Horizons campers arrive from home by car or bus for a fun-filled day of play and learning.

In small groups named for favorite north woods creatures—the Chipmunks, Squirrels, Sparrows, Catamounts and Falcons, to name a few—campers join children of their own age in waterfront activities, land sports, and creative arts of many kinds, led by counselors chosen for their teaching skills and their interest in fostering children’s growth and learning. Many Horizons counselors live, teach, work, or go to school in the Upper Valley, and many return to Horizons summer after summer to share their wealth of camp experience with children and younger staff alike.

Horizons revolves around the welcoming waterfront, where every child learns to swim or improves their skills. Campers have opportunities daily to take canoeing, kayaking, or sailing instruction and go boating during free times. Off the water, campers play hard and fair on tennis and ball courts; learn to tumble, vault and balance in an airy gymnastics studio; shoot archery on a range with a three mile valley view; create crafts in an arty old barn; join all-camp tournaments and games; and have snacks and lunch in between, in a rambling former farmhouse with a cool, wide porch.

Horizons pailAt the close of a Horizons session, your child may lead you confidently to the edge of Middlebrook and astound you with all she’s learned about the life there. Or, show you an arrow-hole among dozens on an archery target where he hit the mark he aimed for. Or, tell you tales of joyful swim times, while you recall how frightened she seemed near the water’s edge, just a few weeks ago. Each session ends with a mini-musical production staged by campers for a final parents’ assembly. Amazingly, the cast learns and rehearses the show, and the crew creates the sets and costumes in just one week..

We call these strides the Aloha magic, and it happens for Horizons campers every glorious summer day.