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The A-Term leadership experience will be an incredible opportunity for currently enrolled college students to spend 2 months in a close community of peers on the Hulbert/Lanakila campus. During this time, participants will work and live together in a warm, supportive, and fun environment, splitting their time between structured academic pursuits; group initiatives and projects; individual goals and growth; shared family-style mealtimes; and of course, plenty of time for typical camp play and outdoor exploration. For participants who are interested and have room in their schedule, it will be possible during the program to complete certification in Success Counseling, WFA, DTL, or other similar trainings. The group of 8-14 students will live in communal housing with on-site, dedicated staff and mentors, and will be afforded their own study, meeting, and recreation spaces. These 2 months will be a great way to get an infusion of camp during this long and lonely winter!

A-Term is open to all currently enrolled college students. The program dates are January 30 – March 28, 2021 with a tuition of $6,600. Financial support is available for qualified candidates. Apply for financial aid within your A-Term Application.

What Will This Program Include?

Participants will split their time on campus in a number of different ways:

ACADEMIC WORK TIME: We know college is a full time job and that most weekdays will be devoted to classes and class work. Program staff will help with blocking out academic time and managing assignments according to individual class schedules and needs.

EXTENDED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: Our staff and our campuses provide many opportunities to learn and explore in a formal or informal way. Individuals and/or the group may identify initiatives to undertake to expand their learning and growth. Options may include Ropes Course or challenge activities, skills courses such as WFA certification, leadership development work including in-depth Success Counseling training, curriculum writing, service projects, art or local history projects, and campus development. Staff will assist each participant in setting goals for the term and choosing projects to meet those goals.

ALUMNI MENTORING PROGRAM: The Aloha Foundation has an extensive network of talented and passionate alumni. Each participant will be paired with an alumni mentor (from a field of the participant’s choice) with whom they will meet regularly. This relationship can offer insights, guidance and connections to your desired career or simply support and inspiration for your continued studies.

STRUCTURED RECREATION TIME: Explore, have fun, get fit, and experience the best of Vermont in the winter! These group endeavors can include: skating on the lake, “sledding olympics” off the Woodside Hill, snowshoeing around our campuses, local hikes, talent shows, and more creative ideas that are sure to spring from the group.

EVENING PROGRAMS: When your study time is done, enjoy roaring fires in the Upper Dining Room with tea and cookies, and people reading on cozy couches and catching up on their day; a book group; a film or podcast appreciation club; chess, Catan, cards; ping pong tournaments; a wiffle ball league in the barn; an art club; or a movie. Evening activities will offer time to

relax and connect.

MEALS: Meals will be provided throughout the program. While breakfasts and lunches may be more informal, dinners will be a time for the community to gather, connect, and share. Our chef will prepare fresh meals for participants taking into account dietary needs. Participants may sometimes prepare meals on weekends and will help with meal set up each day.

Safety Considerations

The safety and wellbeing of participants and staff are our highest priority. Vermont has very clear guidelines for COVID precautions and participants will be asked to adhere to those guidelines throughout the duration of the program. As such, participants coming from other states should plan to quarantine for 10-14 days prior to arrival in Fairlee. All participants will need to have a COVID test upon arrival. Participants will also be expected to follow current Hulbert Outdoor Center protocols that limit interaction outside the program community, ensure the use of masks and social distancing when appropriate, and provide for frequent handwashing and sanitation.
If needed, participants will have access to medical care through the Aloha Foundation’s partnership with Upper Valley Pediatrics.
Further information about COVID precautions, our COVID action plan, and full expectations for participants and staff will be provided for participants to review.