The heart of Hulbert learning lies in Teambuilding.  In these classes we lay the foundations for successful group work and stress the importance of the roles of individuals in any team effort.  Trusting oneself and teammates is crucial in order to complete the variety of tasks presented during teambuilding classes.  We use props, ropes course elements, and creative imagination to structure experiences that illustrate the importance of trust, communication, diversity, safety, responsibility, leadership, planning, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and fun in everyday life.  Teambuilding transfers into other aspects of living and learning at Hulbert through cabin living, the mealtime jobs program, hikes, and evening programs.

Group Journey
A Group Journey is a refreshing experience that takes a unique look at our local and beautiful environment.  A 3-hour ramble with activities to explore the plants, animals, and human history of our beautiful Central Vermont forest, meadow, and wetlands ecosystems.  Popular activities include sensory awareness and natural history games such as elk tag, meet-a-tree, blindfolded partner walks, Ultimate Fox, and a version of hide-and-seek called “Camouflage”.  Groups explore animal tracks, wild edibles, cloud patterns, rotten logs, or whatever other “teachable moments” the day provides.  We can also utilize local cellarholes and the farming history of our Fairlee location to examine New England history and land-use patterns.  The Group Journey is an adaptable activity that can be made to fit the needs of your group.

High Ropes Course
A thrilling challenge in a supportive environment, the High Ropes Course is designed for diverse ability levels and has opportunities for many different kinds of success.  A great culminating activity to a Teambuilding program, the Ropes Course emphasizes physical and emotional safety, positive support, and decision-making.  In a supportive and safe setting students set personal goals and are encouraged to stretch their  limits as the course proceeds.  The High Ropes Course offers the thrill of perceived risk-taking and the pride of personal accomplishment.  The High Ropes Course is inspected regularly and is facilitated and supervised by trained Hulbert staff members.

Aquatic Discovery
This class investigates our local Big Brook/Lake Morey watershed and answers questions, such as “What is a watershed? Who uses it?  What does a water system have to do with our everyday lives?  What lives in our lake and streams?”  To answer these questions the group explores the brook and lakeshore, looking under rocks and mud to discover a variety of living organisms, all with special adaptations to their ecosystem.  The group follows the course of water from the brook to the marsh and the lake.  Groups tromp around the edges of the marsh and lake and collect samples that can be investigated and identified.  In the winter a pond study can also be combined with a lesson on traditional ice cutting techniques and a chance to “cut a hole in the lake” using antique tools.

In an orienteering lesson, students learn basic map and compass skills and then apply their knowledge through various group tasks and fun activities.  Students learn how to read and understand a topographic map, how to orient the map, how to take a bearing, and how to determine their location and direction of travel using the map and compass.