Success Counseling II: Advanced Training

WHEN: May 10-12 (8:30-4:30 on Wed/Thurs; 8:30-3:30 on Friday)

WHERE: Hulbert Outdoor Center (Fairlee, VT). On-site accommodation is available for the cost of $60 per night

INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Barnes Boffey, Director of Training for the Aloha Foundation; Dr. Jeremy Cutler, Assistant Director of Camp Lanakila

COST: $375, which includes all training materials, lunch each day, and drinks and snacks

CREDITS: Continuing Education Units are available.

REGISTRATION: See form at bottom of page.

NOTE: To be eligible for this workshop, one must have completed Success Counseling I (Basic Training) or be an experienced Aloha Foundation Staff Member

The concepts of Success Counseling and Internal Control Psychology are very hard to keep fresh in our minds, as nearly all of the thinking and interactions around us are grounded in External Control. The Advanced Training will be a chance to firm up what you have learned earlier and push that forward by honing additional skills.

Quality World question: If the Advanced Training were successful, what would participants leave with?

  • A renewed awareness of the power of internal rather than external control psychology.
  • A more precise and skilled ability to deal with situations in which others are looking for help and willing to accept help.
  • Greater skills in working with difficult clients: those who are unmotivated, resistant, or angry.
  • An ability to work with more than one person at a time (two, three, or a group)
  • Some specific plans for incorporating Success Counseling concepts and skills into our personal and work lives.
  • An excitement about finding ways to stay involved in a continuous improvement process with Success Counseling
  • An ability to use Success Counseling as a practical guide in answering questions from all aspects of our lives.
  • A willingness to begin to teach these ideas to others, and some basic hints about doing that. (It is in teaching these ideas that you learn them best.)

Success Counseling is an internal control psychologywhich redefines what motivates us and shows us how to have much greater control over our emotions and happiness than most of us feel we have. Internal control psychology leads to win-win relationships rather than relationships filled with conflict, and as we understand the powerful role that perception plays in our lives, we can change patterns that we no longer find useful or effective.