Lanakila’s spacious Archery range accommodates 10 targets and allows campers to shoot at distances from 20 meters to 40 meters. Quality instruction is combined with fun activities like balloon shoots and archery poker, and safety and proper form are emphasized in every activity. We also have a nine hole archery golf range with an end of summer Masters’ Golf Tournament, as well as an archery clout field where we shoot arrows 75 to 100 yards.

America’s pastime is alive and well at Lanakila. All campers can learn and play Baseball in both pick-up games and formal inter-camp competition. As well as individualized and team coaching from experienced counselors, many campers enjoy the “Ameden League,” a first-session intramural tournament open to all campers. Eight counselor-coached teams face each other to reach the final championship game, an all-camp event where the Athletics department staff pulls out all stops. Play ball!

In Biking, campers can cruise around beautiful Lake Morey, ride nearby single track trails, test their skills on an obstacle course, or even learn some tricks. For beginners, we teach mountain biking basics, and for those who want to gain proficiency in bike maintenance, there are opportunities to learn skills like tube repair and brake and gear adjustment.

Vikings play Tennis on two clay courts, two all-weather courts, and the large practice backboards at Lanakila. Players find good competition or just play for fun, and campers of all ages and skills take private lessons, join in singles or doubles matches with Hive and Aloha, and try their hand at the intramural tennis ladder.

Using .22 rifles and air guns in Riflery, campers of all ages can learn marksmanship while also developing confidence and discipline. Most boys have never shot before, so the range provides a supportive and safe environment where campers develop both skills and a deeply respectful attitude about shooting. Individualized instruction allows campers to learn to shoot prone, kneeling, sitting and standing.

Street Hockey
is a unique phenomenon at Lanakila, as campers of all ages and abilities play on our full-length, outdoor street hockey court. Pick-up games and clinics in the first session lead to the annual, well-renowned “Boffey Cup” tournament in the second half. Captained by Lanakila’s oldest campers, teams of all ages enjoy the quest for the “Boffey Cup,” an exciting final-week event played under the lights in front of a large and supportive camp crowd.

Boating and Kayaking provide countless hours of entertainment for campers, whether it through touring the swamp, reading a book or competing in drag races. Viking Honors also shape many boating activities as campers learn proper techniques to land row boats along docks or how to roll a kayak after it’s been overturned.

In Canoeing, campers master skills which enable them to venture out of camp on flat and white water trips all throughout New England. Whether we canoe on the Rangeley Lakes in Maine, zip around Lake Morey in our wooden sail canoe, or join 12 other campers singing camp songs while in one of our 30’ long boats, there are more than enough activities for a fun summer on the water.

Lanakila’s Sailing fleet of four J/Y 15’s, two Sunfish, a classic day-sailer, and one impressive handcrafted Viking Ship are used by novice sailors under the supervision of counselors and also soloed by experienced camper skippers. Campers learn skills from basic knots to identifying boat parts, to reefing a sail, and finally to racing strategies. Our weekly regattas with our sister camps provide opportunities to improve racing technique, and a chance to pursue racing ranks of crew or skipper.

Swimming is a mix of learning and refreshing summer fun. Campers see improvements in skill and comfort through one-on-one and small group instruction with our experienced staff, and the fun begins with our fourteen-foot tall water slide, our spring diving board and the famed high dive tower. An avid swimmer can challenge himself even more by joining our swim team or attempting the “Purple Albatross”; a five mile swim around the perimeter of Lake Morey.

Our rich history of Performing Arts inspires our first session camp musical. Nearly 40 boys participate in putting together a traditional musical for the entire camp community on “Show Weekend.” Campers tackle different roles, including acting, singing in the chorus, and helping with back stage and lighting. A few of our favorites have included “Oklahoma,” “Oliver,” “Li’l Abner” and “Damn Yankees,” and the show is always a big part of a Lanakila summer.

An alternative theatrical outlet to the camp musical, improvisational Drama allows campers take part in improv, theater games, skits, and wacky spontaneous activities. It’s a home for many regulars where deciding what to do with our time is often an act of improv in itself.

We also have a dedicated building that houses our Arts Department which provides opportunities for campers to express themselves through a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics, 3D drawing, paper crafts and even our annual puppet design and showcase.

The sound of hammers pounding away on a variety of projects in the Woodshop can be heard all across camp. Our experienced staff provides a safe environment and offers the campers the opportunity to develop new skills, from the initial plan, to the design process, and finally, to nailing the final piece of wood into place. Campers work on such projects as miniature sailboats, racecars, wood-turning, furniture design, and more!

Photography at Lanakila is a hands-on approach to learning. Campers are taught the entire process of shooting, developing and printing with the use of the camp’s 35mm cameras and darkroom. Activities range from Camera Wars to Photographing Cheese to Open Shoot to Sports in Action, and even making personalized baseball cards. Campers create prints that and they can be proud of and that help them truly understand the process of photography.

Music is everywhere at Lanakila. A bugler’s call in the morning; rousing voices mixed with laughter at morning assemblies; campers strumming guitars and picking out melodies on the piano. We learn to value the music we make ourselves; we sing in groups and as a whole camp, we play in the band, and we listen to music of all kinds. Whether budding virtuosos or practically tone deaf, Lanakilans discover music is a central and joyous part of camp life.