“We Help Create Fine People” is the camp motto Lanakila’s founders adopted 95 years ago, and we’ve faithfully upheld the tradition ever since. Lanakila supports boys in  dealing with challenges, victories and defeats, as well as relationships with peers and mentors in ways they can feel proud of.

The definition of manhood for Lanakilans transcends athletic and physical achievement. We encourage campers to discover, learn and enjoy in a wide variety of activities, not a limited few. At Lanakila, campers participate in nature exploration, woodworking, arts, crafts, photography and drama with as much enthusiasm as baseball, soccer, tennis, ropes climbing, canoeing and sailing.

While Lanakila’s activity program is primarily non-competitive, campers have many opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, and meet challenging standards of performance that earn respect and recognition in the camp community. Under the skillful guidance of Lanakila’s talented counselors campers learn to succeed in many ways at Lanakila, by bringing energy, effort, patience and passion to whatever challenges they choose.

Campers sometimes say Lanakila is the “place you leave home to come home to,” a place you’ll feel safe, respected, encouraged, challenged and loved. And when they talk as they often do about “loving Lanakila,” we know what they really love, at the end of the day, is the fine person they strive to become each summer at camp.