Week 1: Light up the World!

Let’s find ways to encourage, inspire, and share with each other. TELL your story – Who are you? What do you know, think and feel? Who/what has influenced you? LISTEN to stories and experiences of friends, family & strangers. SHARE your time and talents with others. SPREAD kindness, joy, and laughter. DISCOVER and nurture your best self. CONNECT with others in new ways. BRING fun and camp spirit to your community. 

Enjoy this drone video of our campuses. #Aloha Together
Make your own luminary to light up someone’s world! Horizons counselors share instructions for different designs.
Laugh along with cheesy jokes told by campers. Share a joke with someone who could use a good laugh.
Learn to make a Pop-up card with Jasmine! Deliver some light and joy to a friend.
Watch this video on how to build a cooking table as one way to leave a campsite better than you found it.
Listen to this week’s theme-inspired counselor playlists! Create your own playlist to keep you inspired this summer.
Get up really early one morning to watch the sun rise. Write about your thoughts and feelings, and what you saw and heard, write a poem or story.
Use random acts of kindness (cards, crafts, snacks, shout-outs, etc.) to recognize people or organizations in your community.
Let Izzy teach you how to make Recycled Art! (see below for instructions)
Write a love letter to the town of Fairlee. Let’s flood our second home with positivity and hope!
Look up the word “inspire.” Find 10+ words with similar meanings. Write each word on a paper strip, link them together to make a chain.
Start a journal (and keep it going!) Check out some suggestions from Liz here.
Check out our Rock Chain of Hope blog post to see how a small idea can have a big impact.
How are you giving of yourself this summer? Read Kathy Plunkett’s post on the Gift of Giving.

Make Art!