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Love Letters for Fairlee

By The Aloha Team

A landscape of the lake and blue mountains.


Many of us may only visit Fairlee to go to camp, others have ventured into town with family and friends. No matter how much you have explored, Fairlee is special to us all.

Are you missing Fairlee this summer? Longing for long hot days by the water, hiking the mountains and trails, walking around the lake, or watching the sunset. Thinking of enjoying an ice cream at Gladstone Creamery or the Whippi Dip, indulging in a huge breakfast at the Fairlee Diner, popping into Wing’s or the Lunchbox for a sandwich, picking out a one-of-a-kind gift at Chapman’s, enjoying dinner at Samurai Soulfood, or any of the other wonderful things Fairlee has to offer?

Fairlee misses you too! This summer will be a challenge for the town, as it is for many places. Fairlee is missing the arrival and energy of summer visitors. It will be a quite 4th of July weekend this year as we adapt to the needs of social distancing. Our businesses and restaurants are without their usual influx of customers and the Whippi Dip has sadly announced it will not reopen.

Show some love for our little town under the cliff and help local businesses and our community by letting them know that many folks are counting down the days until they can make their way back to the 05045.

Send Fairlee a love note – let the community know what you love about the town, share a favorite memory or place to visit, send a picture of a great time here. We would like to collect enough messages to print, laminate, and post them around town. Let’s flood our second home with positivity and hope!

Email to:

If you wish, please include your name, hometown, and connection to Fairlee (e.g. Aloha camper/counselor).