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Make it a good one!

By The Aloha Team

An Aloha camper with their fist in the air as they solo a sailboat on the lake.

When I was a camper and counselor at Aloha, every morning we ended assembly and headed out to start the day’s activities with Nancy Pennell (Aloha Director at the time) telling us to “make it a good one!” Gordo also uses this send off in current Aloha assemblies to inspire a simple idea. In that one phrase is a call to action – don’t wait for a good day to come along, make each day a good day.

At all of our camps we often use a quote, poem, or song to help us begin the day with positivity and inspiration. Below are a few examples of these morning thoughts to help you start your next day off right.

We hope these will inspire you to find your own rituals, readings, photos, or other ways to start each day off with the intention to make the most of it.

Choose joy, choose happiness, choose courage, choose determination and make it a good one!


Eliza Kissick – Aloha – Hearts like wildflowers, Nikita Gill


Charles Love – Lanakila – Hard Work Makes Change, Shonda Rhimes


Simran Kaur – Horizons – Piglet’s capacity for gratitude, A.A. Milne