If you are trying to gather family members from far and wide for your next summer vacation, consider holding your family reunion at Ohana. Your family can relax and have fun together in our simple, natural setting, while Ohana staff take care of all the details.a

In the Hawaiian language, ohana means family, community, a circle of good friends. So the camp we call Ohana brings families and friends together to refresh and celebrate their ties, and build new ones with others who enjoy living simply for a time in the out-of-doors, and sharing all that nature has to offer.

“Our extended family looked for several years for a place to come together to enjoy one another,” a grandparent has written, “—parents with children, brothers with sisters, cousins with cousins, ages 1 to 78. Then Ohana came along: the perfect spot for all of us to gather each summer. At Ohana our four generations were able to share the love for this lake and environment that many of us first felt as campers and counselors at Aloha, Hive and Lanakila.

It’s the closest thing we can imagine to our by-gone summers at camp—the aroma of pine needles and ferns, and the earth after a rain shower; the peacefulness and simplicity; the bonds between people and nature—and the incredibly gracious staff who helped all of us to have the most enjoyable family gathering ever.”