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One Moment the Moon

By The Aloha Team

Lanakila's blue wooden castle underneath a nightsky full of stars.

Ayana, a bright, young counselor in Arts & Crafts at Aloha Camp, remembers a moment when nature brought the entire community to a quiet standstill. Thank you, Ayana, for reminding us there are things in life—such as the moon—that we don’t always notice or appreciate, despite their gentle permeance. At this time of year, Ayana’s message is especially poignant.

We are proud to provide spaces where young men and women have time for personal reflection and growth even as they lead and mentor the children we serve. Fostering places where differences can be safely experienced creates communities of understanding and support.

Welcome to our first installment of the new Aloha Foundation Audio Series, Straight from our Counselors. How did these stories come to be?

Click ‘Play’ below to hear her story: