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Opening Day Message 2022

By The Aloha Team

Dear Camp Families,

It’s the first day!

I love watching campers spill out of vehicles and wrestle their duffels and trunks out behind them. I get a kick out of how they practically trip over themselves as they try to simultaneously give hugs goodbye, shouts hello, and then race to their tents to empty their bags and begin the summer. My hands are full this day—and every day for the next few weeks—but this day is special. Camp is filling up.

I don’t mean that our numbers are growing or that all our spaces are becoming occupied. Camp is filling up with the energy of individuals: individuals with a spectacular array of experiences, backgrounds, senses of humor, knowledge, ideas, and… well, everything. As hard as we work behind the scenes to cultivate an unparalleled summer experience, we never really know how tremendous it’s going to be until these precious humans arrive, mix together, and truly create the magic.

I observe this phenomenon every year, and every year, my heart fills up as well. I know that you or your household may feel a little emptier for the next few weeks, but I will make you a promise: We will send them back full. Full of stories, full of new skills, full of confidence and poise—and full of love from every single one of us at camp.

Thank you for trusting us with your children. It is an honor and a responsibility we do not take lightly.

All my best,


Vanessa Riegler
Executive Director