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Rock Chain of Hope – a small idea can make a big impact

By The Aloha Team

A line of colorfully painted rocks lined up on the side of the road.

How do you connect with your community while social distancing? Gretchen Lynch, an Aloha alum who lives in Germany with her family shared a story of a simple idea that helped bring her village community together and spread hope, joy, and love during the lockdown.

“Our village is on a hill with a beautiful view into the valley. Our neighbor had a great idea that since the children in the village couldn’t meet in person during lockdown, that we could paint rocks and hike to the top of the hill and make a chain of hope. We would hike to the top every few days and watch it grow.”

“Love life. It is the only one. A gift you don’t get twice.”
“Wishing you happiness”
“The children in Kastl are all painting rocks and hiking to the Berg to make a chain of good wishes.”
“We visit the peak of Kastler Berg every other day. This chain of hope is always longer.”












This is small idea became a physical representation of a community of people supporting each other, something to inspire and encourage others during a difficult time.

At camp we have sometimes made “kindness rocks” with kind words or messages painted on them that are left around camp for others to discover. Whether you put rocks in your own street or yard, leave one for a neighbor, or make a community project like this one. Painted rocks are one simple way to spread messages of love, hope, and joy this summer.

Trying this idea at home or in your neighborhood? Have another great idea for connecting with and supporting others? Share your projects, ideas, and photos at