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Spring is on the Horizon, Can Camp’s Opening Day Be Far Behind?

By The Aloha Team

A Horizons staff member giving a piggy back ride to a younger camper.

HIVE archeryAlthough the snow lays deep on our five campuses, and skaters are making good use of the Lake Morey Ice Trail, once the calendar rolls over to March the pace of camp preparation picks up in Fairlee.  With about three months until Work Gang gets to work setting up Aloha, Hive and Lanakila there is plenty to do to be sure we’re ready for campers by the end of June.

If you are the parent of a soon-to-be first-time camper, there is work you can be doing now too.  A recent blog post from the American Camp Association is full of helpful tips for starting a conversation about a summer away at camp.  Both children and parents are susceptible to the jitters upon drop-off, but with thoughtful preparation, there can be fewer unwelcome surprises.

Lanakila Rainy FunBefore your camper sets foot in Fairlee, you can be assured that counselors and staff are working hard to be ready to make your camper feel welcomed, safe and at home.  Behind the scenes, our Success Counseling training ensures that thoughtful preparation is at the heart of all we do at the Aloha Camps.

In order for to be ready for a summer full of fun and growth, we want our campers, counselors and families to be completely prepared for opening Day.  In addition to purchasing the uniform, packing the trunk and leaving electronics behind, we hope you’ll thoughtfully connect with your child about how you envision a happy, and successful summer.

In addition to the ACA’s blog post, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s camp director with any questions about summer 2015!

Aloha Success

Laura Gillespie is the Director of Communications & Alumni Relations at The Aloha Foundation, an alumna of Aloha Hive and Aloha Camp, and has been a Horizons and Lanakila parent.