Is your camper looking for a way to stay connected to camp?


Sign up for our spring session of Aloha Basecamp! Each week may be a little different but your camper can count on seeing old friends, making new ones, and receiving support and guidance from our counseling staff. And, of course, lots of fun! There’s no better way to get through these last few months while we wait for summer 2021 to arrive!

Tell me more!

Campers will be invited to participate in one Zoom session each week, over the 9-week session, with a group of campers and two counselors. Just like at camp, counselors will guide the group through activities, conversations, and various other types of sharing and support. While counselors will individualize these activities based on the age and needs of the group, they may take the form of games, shared meals, reflections on the day, stories, or other interactive elements. We hope these groups will form close bonds and be able to share with each other in an intimate, supportive, and enthusiastic fashion.

Who is eligible for Basecamp?

This program is for any camper who will be attending Aloha, Hive, or Lanakila in 2021. If your child would have been new to our overnight camps in 2020 or 2021, we encourage you to talk with us about whether a remote program is the best introduction to camp for your child. For some children, Basecamp might be the ideal introduction to our staff and program.  For others, waiting until they can experience camp in person this summer might be better.

Who are the counselors?

Each group will have two full-time counselors, and both will attend every meeting. Counselors are already well-trained in Success Counseling and other educational models, but they have received additional training and education, including content in online safety and online group management. Additionally, counselors will be checking in with a Director throughout the week. The two lead counselors for each group will spend some time every day debriefing with each other and planning ahead.

What did parents and campers have to say about previous sessions of Basecamp?

“The counselors were great at keeping it light and real. They came prepared and left space for kids. She was so happy – Hive happy. She loved it.”

“Middle school has been challenging during these times and my son cherished any contact with Lanakila. Thank you so much for offering this to the campers in this strange year.”

“The consistency, small friend group, and young adult mentor combination was just what she needed to help fuel connection during COVID.”

“What a special way to lead back into camp life! We could literally hear him giggling from downstairs (during the sessions)…”

How much does Aloha Basecamp cost?

We hope to see as many of our Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila campers as possible and don’t want cost to be a barrier for families. Tuition for the 9-week session is $450 but we are offering a sliding fee scale based on income. Tuition for families with an income under $60,000 is $100. Tuition for families with an income between $60,000 and $100,000 is $250. If you have questions or concerns about paying tuition, please contact Karen Danforth.

What are my next steps?

Apply online as soon as possible. Once we know how many campers from each camp and age group are interested, we will build out the schedule and share it with you so you can mark your camper’s Zoom sessions on your calendar. The 9-week session will begin the week of March 8 and run through May 7. While the expectation is that every member of the group attends every session, if there is a week that proves impossible, the group will accommodate this absence (as if a camper was on an overnight trip – there’d be an empty bed that night!). When you receive your camper’s schedule, you will be asked to submit payment and sign a release form to finalize your camper’s enrollment.


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