Ross Cannon

Hulbert Program Director

Ross Cannon, Program Director at Hulbert, has been a vital member of the Hulbert Outdoor Center team since 2014. Over his years 7+ years at Hulbert, Ross has filled many roles: Instructor, School Consultant, Leadership Trainer, Wilderness Medicine Instructor, Wedding Coordinator, Camp Director and more. Ross enjoys bringing his wide skillset to the table, creating programs for ALL Hulbert participants. Adapting programs to meet various users’ needs leads to powerful and transformational experiences for all participants at Hulbert.

Before arriving at Hulbert, Ross studied Psychology at Rhode Island College. Realizing his growing passion for Outdoor Education, he completed the NOLS Wilderness Rescue Semester. Upon graduation, Ross brought skills in Swiftwater Rescue, Ropes Rescues, and Wilderness Medicine to Hulbert and the Aloha Foundation. This unique combination of “hard” and “soft” skills, learned over 15+ years at Camp Lanakila, are for sharing with others! Ross also shares these skills with our local community as the President of the Fairlee Fast Squad and as a member of the Fairlee Fire Department.

In his own words, “I love the diversity in [Hulbert] programming. We can go from running Vacation Camp one week to Success Leadership the next. As an Outdoor Education Center, we get to interact with participants on so many levels and help build confidence and community in the outdoors. The range of participants we see here represents what our world could like if people had equal access to the outdoors. How could I not love coming to work every day?”

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