Hive tent familyJoin us for a Success Counseling Training Workshop at Hulbert Outdoor Center.

Being a camp counselor is exciting, rewarding and enriching – and it’s demanding work when it comes to dealing with infinite varieties of youthful concerns and behaviors. Our counseling staff comes to camp with good natural instincts for working with children; but just as natural athletes need coaching and training to achieve consistent excellence, naturally capable camp counselors need education and practice to do their best advising and mentoring. To that end, The Aloha Foundation has devoted more than 25 years to developing and refining a comprehensive program of staff training and camper guidance that we call Success Counseling. Based on a thoughtful understanding of human psychology, Success Counseling helps staff and campers alike to address opportunities and challenges reflectively, and to respond creatively in ways that best serve their own interests, those of their peers and the camp community at large.

The central concept of Success Counseling holds that individuals have a greater ability than most people believe to choose how to feel in any given situation. The object of Success Counseling is to help people make good decisions and act constructively to fulfill their desires and achieve their goals. Success Counseling focuses on self evaluation and creative problem solving rather than ineffective reactions to personal problems, such as blaming, shaming, excuse-making or inappropriate anger. Campers and counselors tell us they use the lessons of Success Counseling often, throughout their lives: “In difficult moments I ask myself the questions I was always asked at camp, then I know what to do…”