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The Aloha Workout!

By The Aloha Team

A fitness trainer overseeing a group doing jumping jacks.

Been feeling a little sluggish lately?  Too much time on the couch or in front of a screen?  Can’t go to the gym, but haven’t found an alternative activity to get MOVING?

Never fear:  we have the solution!  This Aloha-sanctioned, counselor-led, quick workout that will put some sweat on your brow and a smile on your face!  And unlike other fancy on-line workouts, this one is made up of many CAMP movements, so as you follow along you can pretend you’re in Fairlee!

No experience necessary!  No knowledge of any fancy moves necessary!  No fear of embarrassment necessary!  All you need is a good attitude and a willingness to have some fun.  For many of our “instructors,” this was their first time doing something like this, so join them and have a blast with this 15-minute voyage through great tunes, great people, and some wacky jumping around…