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The Camp Treat Delivery Project!

By The Aloha Team

A zoomed in picture of chocolate chip cookies.

So do we have an idea for YOU!  It’s pretty simple, actually, and inspired by some of the great bakers in the Foundation — such as Kathy Plunkett, Shel Ball, Henry Huang… the list goes on.  Anyway, here’s what you do:


  1. Take one of your favorite recipes for a treat, and (with the help of an adult) make a batch of it.  It can be cookies, muffins, brownies… whatever you can think of!
  2. Save a few of them for yourself, then mail the rest of them to a camp friend (camper or counselor)!  Throw a note in the box telling them that you appreciate and miss them!
  3. Hopefully, they are inspired by your mailing, and they will bake something and send it to someone ELSE!


Take a look at this video below.  We filmed the “treat chain” in action to show you how this works.  Good luck bakers, and let us know if you get any treats!!!