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The Gift of Giving

By The Aloha Team

A bench with Hive campers working on clay pots as a counselor helps them.

Our lives at camp, school, home and in our communities are filled with many moments. In each of these moments we are either giving or receiving. At camp, we give within our tent families. For instance, we help each other clean, we give each other support when we might be missing home, and we give encouragement when we are working towards goals like passing a swim test or achieving a rank.

Giving also happens within the whole camp community like when you are in the Show and you practice, practice, practice so you can be your best in the performance – giving the audience joy and entertainment. Or when one person shares a story, song or poem, giving of themselves for us all to hear, have something to reflect on or even participate in.

Teaching is another form of giving by using your time and expertise so that others can learn and use new skills. Think of the first time you were taught to tie a knot, play an instrument, bake bread or even hike a mountain. Someone gave you their time and talent in those circumstances – those were moments of receiving.

How are you giving of yourself at home this summer? Think about all the ways you give at camp and how you can do that in your very own home with your family. Maybe it is helping a brother or sister when they are trying hard to reach a new goal. It even could be – hold on – helping prepare or clean up from a meal. What have you learned about giving at camp that can help you think of ways to give at home? We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts….

The gift of giving is a very powerful life lesson to take with you wherever you go.