2020 #AlohaGivingTuesday Contributors: How Did You Create Aloha This Year?

Tim Sperry & Lynn Tirrell
Amy Peterson
Peter and Betty Lou Bowles: Walking in God’s beautiful creation
Dan Meharg
Jennifer Lear
Kathy & Rick Kavanagh
Mary Anne Stetzer
Melissa McFadden Harris: Put a lot of effort into raising good boys.
Virginia Thomas
Elizabeth Grayer & Aidan Synnott
Doug Kleinman
Jane & Jerry Huppee
Rob Bucklin: Supporting local hospital nurses, doctors & staff
Jamie Cohen
Lubrano/Hegarty Family
Jenn Merritt in honor of Posie Taylor and Kate Gasparro
Abby Westcott: Spending time in the woods!
Bill Yaro & Roz Barber
Leighton Stirling
Matt & Kaitlin Christie: Teaching my 3 year old songs from the songbook
Cheryl Olson: Put up with Jeremy Cutler, need I say more?
Jeff & Betsy Brewster
Ryan & Amy: Amy bought me socks from Farm-Way!
Cheryl Stelljes
Al Yoon
Bryan J Partridge: Connecting with camp friends every day to remind myself of the incredible community we have.
Owen, Nate and Trevor Gold
Skye Walden: Singing in the Dining Room
Barby Dubin
Dana Anselmi
Ellie Pennell: Focused on slowing down and being present in the moment
Harriet Fulton Dwyer: And now it’s time for my granddaughter to be graced by Aloha’s magic!
Ethan Arrowood: Got Bridge 2015 together for some group calls.
Kenyon Cory
Natalie Sheffo: Remembering I can do hard things while being a nurse during the pandemic!
Lizzy Hoke
The Muhlbaum Family
Lauren Henzy
Bob Meinig
Jennifer Lear
Peter & Judith Kleinman: For 35 years we have been so grateful to the Aloha camps, first for our children and now grandchildren. Thanks for being there!
Ben Rodriguez: Shared memories of final circles during the many homeschool weeks I attended.
The Prill Family
Sarah & Doug Harvey
Kirsten & Rod Kunz: lots of time in the woods!
Katharine Denny Joyce
Elizabeth Davidson Gundeck
Alison Rosenfeld
Addie Downey
Emily Smith
Lloyd, Elyse, Carsten and Charlotte Lyons: Zoom calls with counselor friends from the 1980s and 1990s!
Gibbo and Emma: S’mores over a late night fire in the garden
Becky Baines
The Riegler Family
Erin Wilson
Ross Cannon: Staying Flexible, Staying Connected, Living rule #6
Harriet Fitzpatrick: Stayed in touch with Aloha friends, traveled safely with one good one over the summer
Caroline Maryan: sang Aloha songs to my granddaughter
The Altman/Drisko Family: We sang camp songs
Mary Liechty
Jeffrey Petersen
Burnett Hansen
Anonymous (2)
Jennifer Mandelson
Ben Williams
Gretchen Cyros: Lots of pub quizzes with camp friends via zoom!
Michaelson Mack family
Jack Moffitt: Wearing CCC to work
Adrian: fires
Megan Cole Kellogg
Jody Perkins
Miriam Whittington
Sabrina Adorno
Katie Brookes
Daniel Mulno
The Ross Family
Daniel Gordon
Robin Matza
Julianna Johnson: Led (masked & distanced!) Youth Hikes & Camp Songs, all summer long!
Dana Jacobson Goodhue: Spending the summer with Ellie 🙂
Andrew Kabatznick
Jessica Vincent: We had Canoe breakfast at a local lake and developed a Hive/Lanakila playlist.
Norman Kalen
Erin Bowles
Carrie Lee Cutler: Sing Aloha Oe every night with my parents, Liza and Jeremy!
Theresa Duncan
Jocelyn Merrick
Maggie Latz: Bonfires, camp zooms, & hikes with my dog
The Cleveland Family
Heather Flores
Lizza Sandoe: In honor of Win Ameden’s many years of putting up with us on the counselor staff 🙂 And to the memory of Lua, my birthday twin and friend.
Margaret Pennoyer: Talking to camp friends around the world!
Steve Nishino
The Walkers: Singing camp songs to our son!
Sarah Williams
Robin B. Langsdorf: Planting a significant garden and sharing the abundance.
Jody (Young) & Doug Llewellyn: Cooking w/Kathy, Story Hours w/Ellie, Weekly GiftEd mentoring thanks to Lipoff & deRuff, camping in CO + uniform wearing!
Hugh Buchan
The Song Family (Jason & Jessica)
Kristin Anton
Katherine Thornton
Jenny & Kendra Margulies
Tracy & Michael Ranson
Phil Dove: Bees and chat with lifelong friends!
Romain and Caroline de La Tournelle