Eliza Kissick: The power of Club summer.
Daniel Mulno: Lanakila had a profound impact on me growing up and that impact continues now as I learn so much from campers and fellow counselors. This is such a valuable community to be a part of, and one that is important to make sure lives on for a long time.
Andy Hilton: I give the courage to sing with a shaky voice.
Karen Danforth
Anonymous: The many stories my daughters tell
Laura and Andy McIntosh
Nancy and Bruce Greer
Katharine Denny Joyce: Lanakila has inspired my 4 sons for their lives.
Nick Steffey: My granddaughter went to her first away camp at Aloha last year at age 9 for three weeks and it changed her life, giving her self-confidence she never had before.
Lubrano-Hegarty Family
Debbie McGarvey Mulno & Glenn Mulno: In honor of the impact the Aloha camps has had on Daniel & Jason Mulno, and a thank you to Susan Buckingham McGarvey.
The Schattenfield Family: C-A-M-P-A-L-O-H-A
Posie Taylor: Lifelong friendships
Melissa McFadden Harris
Jeliah DaLuz: I am donating for the kids that find a safe, supportive space to thrive in at camp.
Jennifer Walker
Annie Schulzinger & Bryce Cooney: Amazing childhood memories of camp!
Emily Smith: I’m giving in honor of my transformational time in Fairlee.
Peggy: Ohana!
Joonki Song
The Kerr Family
The Stolow Family
Elizabeth Davidson Gundeck & Ethan Gundeck
The Muhlbaum Family: Gordo’s supreme awesomeness
Andy Bhatt’s Family
Romain & Caroline de La Tournelle: The smile and sparkling eyes of our kids throughout the year when thinking about Aloha.
John & Becky Booth: WE LOVE THE CAMPS
Perry Allison and Smooch: We give for unbridled fun and creativity along the shores of Lake Fairlee
Natalie Sheffo: To the place that always feels like coming back home!
Jenn Merritt & Kate Gasparro: In honor of parents and grandparents Posie & Biff
Norman Kalen
James Abbott IV
Anonymous: A dear friend of mine spent many formative years there, and I’d like other young people to get the same chance.
Anonymous: I want kids to have access to camp!
Sarah Masters: Oliver and Sam are good men.
Kevin Baines: To support the unparalleled mission of the Aloha Foundation to help young people become their best selves.
James Mutaka: Aloha Spirit of Friendship circle
Valades Monroy Family: The safe place that it provides to each camper.
Anonymous: daughter enjoyed her time last summer
Miller Joyce: The amazing people of Lanakila
The Drossos Family
Becky Baines: Camp rocks
Cheryl & Glenn McKinley: Giving Tuesday!
Elias King & Empress Irene: Aloha gives so much, its only right to give back
Cheryl Olson: My job and coworkers!
Elizabeth Soutter: In gratitude for many years of camperships.
Katie Brookes: Camperships
Jasper Drisko
Maggie Latz: Fireworks, s’mores, and Harry Potter day to name a few
Lusyd Doolittle
Anonymous: I’ve spent my favorite summers here (with the help of scholarships) and I want to give back what others gave to me.
Mary Willis Thompson: My grand daughters and I have loved our Aloha experience!
Wendy & Leeds Gulick
Elyse Lyons: The smiles on the faces of campers last summer on Opening Day and the amazing job the Foundation did in managing the new Covid reality.
Julianna Jarabak Johnson: S’Mores. Definitely S’Mores!
Bob Meinig
Dewey Schunk: The counselors who believed in me, so that I could believe in others.
Janet Prill: Aloha creates safe, happy spaces for kids to grow!
Nekesa Straker: Dedication to the Aloha Camps!
Kerr Family
Nate: Hooray for Horizons
William Mansfield: great memories of wonderful summers spent in Fairlee, VT
Georgia Dare
Allie Altman & Carl Drisko: For the lasting impact the camps have had on our children.
The Rands Family
Pinkie: My Hive, Big Camp, and Lanakila campers, Dolans, all!
Nelson Elhage: Camp memories
The King Family: My kids love camp
Fraser Boyd: Many great summers at camp – and the visible positive change it makes in everyone.
Gibbo & Emma: Trips to the Rangeley Lakes
Hugh & Liz Buchan: The lifelong friendships we’ve found through our connection with the Aloha Foundation.
Jennifer Ippoliti: Because the Aloha spirit has never left me, and makes me want to do better and try harder every day.
Trina Ward Fontaine: A life long close friend that I made at camp.
Robin Matza
Lucy Williams
Sally Keeler O’Hare
Jeremy Cutler, Liza Cohen, and Carrie: All of the amazing counselors that work for all of the camps!
Phil Dove: Camp is the single greatest experience and I want to give that experience to others.
The Groskopf Family: We are grateful for the legacy of the Aloha Foundation and the lasting love and memories that it provides campers, both past and present.
Sarah Gordon Littlefield: My year-round and seasonal colleagues who work tirelessly to provide transformational experiences for our program participants.
Caroline Crawford Maryan: We’re a camp family!
Eliza Harvey
Noel Smith: Camp Lanakila taught me I can become something if I worked for it. I wouldn’t be anything without the love from all of my fellow Vikings. Skol.
Cynthia Bassett
Karen Krieger: My respect for Gordo and my daughter’s camp experience
William (Bud) Young: The Aloha community has been an incredible, life-changing support system and most consistent force for good in my life, and my family’s life, for almost the last 40 years.
Alexis Hudes
Ava and Grace Millonig
Anonymous: I love my Ohana!
Addie Downey
Woody and Jerry Needell
Elaine Latz
Jocelyn Merrick: Watching my generation of Aloha campers lead – go Sarah!
Cheryl Stelljes: Because Aloha is such a special place
Eric and Caroline Older
Katie Shearer
Anonymous: The joy it brought my daughter each summer
Terry Duncan
The Llewellyns: Bart, Betsy, Doug, Jody Young: Gratitude for 2nd Generation of MAGIC
Holly Galbincea
Katherine Larsen
Elizabeth Grayer & Aidan Synnott
Bryan Partridge: Goodnight medley in the barn!
Nate, Trevor, and Owen: Ridge, Jeremy, and the whole amazing Lanakila crew!
Kathryn Mohn Wooters: Best time in my childhood and I still keep up with friends I met there!
Ethan Arrowood: Never taking myself too seriously
Chip and Linda Baines: The profound impact that the Aloha Camps have had on our family
Jody Doremus Perkins: Aloha was my most influential alma mater.
Lisa and Scott Campbell
Yarrow Randall: Midis 2021
Fairbairn Family: For being here and offering such important experiences to all.
Harriet Fitzpatrick: Aloha means a lot to so many; there is no place like it
Rob Bucklin: Aloha/Lanakila family history
Anonymous: for my daughter Erin, her husband Sam, and their son Colin who love Ohana
Margaret Pennoyer
Ryan Smith and Natalie Smith
Nicholas Slaughter
Dudley Hulbert
Anonymous: Aloha gave me the space to find and grow into the person I am today.
Aneal and Zoe Gadgil: Three weeks last summer at Lanakila were transformational for our son!
Anne and Peter Angevine: The Aloha Foundation camps have been an anchor for our kids in their growing up years, so we give out of gratitude for all of the people that keep the Alohas so special year after year.
Erin Wilson: Singing, fun, and being outdoors!
William: Thank you for helping create fine people.
Gretchen Cyros
The Mali Family
Kirsten and Rod Kunz
Phoebe Mauricio: Invaluable life experiences for families
Lizzy Hoke: Lua Ameden and the Hive Boathouse!
Amy & Ryan Scott
Scott and Christine Bailey: Help make more Lanakila men
Eliza L.: The Aloha community that taught me genuine connection and growth
Robin Langsdorf
Biff Fink: In gratitude for 51 years of songwriting inspiration (1970-2021)
Susannah Hurd
Katherine Kavanagh


By The Aloha Team

A sky filled with stars over the Lanakila castle.