Cheryl Olson: My colleagues!
Phil Dove: I give for rainbow trout, rainbow’s end, and forever friendships.
Sarah G Metzger: I learned that friends are important.
Reed Mercado: I hope everyone still sings.
Anonymous: The amazing staff at Horizons!
Bob Hall: Lanakila was important to me.
Fay: The wonderful environment this camp provides my daughter!
Anonymous: Camp changed my life and I want to pay it forward!
Anonymous: Ohana truly is family!
Abigail Buffum: Happy memories from my children’s summers at camp and from mine!
Cheryl & Steve Stelljes: Because Aloha is such a special place!
Anne Barnes Bird: Life long friendships made at Hive.
Andy Hilton: The sounds of cheering, laughing and singing that come streaming into the Aloha Foundation office year-round!
Lia Hunt and Todd Zylstra: Roger Hunt (1931-2018), grandfather to Ian and Simon Zylstra, was a counselor and responsible for 3 generations of appreciation for Lanakila.
Kerr Family: We love Horizons! And all of our Aloha neighbors on Lake Morey.
Cormier: Appreciation for Aloha and people we know there.
Romain & Caroline de La Tournelle: Giving back!!!!
Meg O’Halloran: Memories
Emily Smith: To more summers of finding your best self!
Leeli Bonney: We love looking forward to returning to Horizons, Aloha, Lanakila and OHANA next summer!!
Arlynn & Enrique Polletta: Our daughter’s face every time she tells stories about Hive!
Perry Allison and Michael Schunk: In honor of Biff Fink whose musical contributions will live on forever.
Becky, Seabass, Griffin and Todd: My family’s happy place!
Anonymous: My son bloomed at Lanakila. He said if we win the lottery he wants to send every kid to camp!
Valades: Best camp ever.
McLuckies: The blessing of camp 🏕️
Mutaka: Keeping the traditional, and honor of those who gave before us.
Jeliah DaLuz: The kids at Lanakila who find an abundance of love for themselves and others.
Kimberly: A special place to discover and learn!
Nate: Horizons! Hooray! Huzzah! Hooplah!
Katie and Todd Bridges: The joy camp has brought to our daughter.
Ellen McVeigh Crawford: Being able to keep the Aloha spirit alive for the next generation!
Betty & Kejian Wu: Aloha’s mission – “To inspire people of all ages to learn, explore, grow, and become their best selves.”
Cheryl & Andy Marshall-Petricoff: We love Lanakila and celebrate the blessings of camp.
Julianna Jarabak Johnson: While the list is endless, I’m going with Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup!
Juliana M. Steele: So next summer can be the best camp summer ever!
Nancy Linkroum Pennell: The amazing music created by Biff Fink that is sung at each of our camps.
Skye Walden: Every summer is another round of love and laughter.
The Callaghan Family: For all of the laughs and memories at Horizons.
Jenn Merritt & Kate Gasparro: Biff & Posie xo
Lizzie, Scott, Annie, and Nell Worden: Ohana is the highlight of our year!
Andrea & Colby Walker: To support our camp family and the next generation at camp 🙂
Sarah Lewis: The memories and friendships I make at camp.
The Stolow Family: Family Camp!
Anonymous: Lanakila will always have a special place in my heart. Skol
Anonymous: Ohana’s sense of community
Read & Jean Carlan: This wonderful camp
Daniel Mulno: Shout out to the buildings and grounds team who do so much important work behind the scenes.
Bob Meinig: Lanakila changed my life.
Jen White: So another child has the opportunity to be themselves
Bowles Pease Family: Family & community traditions
Jenny & Kendra Margulies: Lifelong Friendships & Music
Ava and Grace Millonig: To more amazing summers!
Bryan Partridge: Seeing camp provide lifelong friendships and memories
The Christie Family: The tremendous love my children feel at camp
Jean Farquhar McCoubrey: 3 generations of the Aloha experience starting in 1935
Katharine & Brian Cary: So grateful for the role these camps have played in the lives of our kids
Janet and David Prill: Watching our kids success counsel each other!
Nekesa Straker: Lifelong camp friendships!
Aneal and Zoe Gadgil: Community
Fran McIntosh & David Disque: Honoring Biff and Posie
Bill Roffey: Such magical memories of a special place for me and my daughter who worked as counselors.
Woody and Jerry Needell
William Cranch
Doug Kleinman
The Drossos Family
Laura Valades
John, Hilary, Carston, and Quenton Friedman
Anonymous: Nice memories of Lanakila friends and community.
Miller Joyce: Would give an eye and a tooth to be back at Lanakila!
Anonymous: Because everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the magic of camp
Phoebe Mauricio: Camper’s opportunity to have and create memorable
Parents of Hanford Woods
The Pagliocco Family
Maggie White
Al Yoon
Cheryl & Glenn McKinley
Annie Schulzinger and Family
Norman Kalen
Jeffrey Wyckoff
Lake Morey Monster
Robin Matza
Skip Babcock
Alexander Pries
Kate Shockey Lafrance
Natalie Sheffo
Edie Heilman
Rob Bucklin
Anonymous (x7)

What Inspires You to Give? #AlohaGivingTuesday

By The Aloha Team

A sky filled with stars over the Lanakila castle.