Open House & Reunion Tour – Fall 2017

The Aloha, Aloha Hive, and Lanakila Camp Directors are hitting the road and would love to see you! Please join counselors, campers, and families in your area for a fun gathering. Directors will share news and updates, photos from summer 2017, and plans for summer 2018. Hope you’ll join us!

Locations and Dates (please RSVP below)

Open Houses (O) are gatherings for families who are new to The Aloha Foundation and interested in learning more about Aloha, Aloha Hive, or Lanakila. Reunions (R) are opportunities for Aloha, Aloha Hive, and Lanakila campers and counselors who were at camp in 2017 to reconnect and reminisce. Open Houses and Reunions (O/R) are sometimes combined into a single event – just to double the fun!


Sun. 12/3 @ 3:00-5:00 pm – Hopi Place, Boulder, CO (O/R)

Mon. 12/4 @ 6:30-8:00 pm – Martin Lane, Cherry Hills Village, CO (O/R)


Questions? Please contact Karen Danforth in The Aloha Foundation office: or (802) 333-3400.

NEW FAMILIES: If you are not able to attend one of our scheduled Open Houses, but would like to meet our camp directors, they may be able to arrange a visit to your town sometime this winter.


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