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Why #AlohaGivingTuesday (12/3)?

By The Aloha Team

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(20)19 Reasons Why Giving Back Is Important to the Aloha Foundation


  1. It allows us to offer quality programming
  2. It gives us the opportunity to connect with prospective and returning families during the year
  3. It opens up our programs to more children and families, regardless of income
  4. It assists in keeping the lake and land we use clean and safe
  5. It protects our boating equipment
  6. It completes maintenance projects like the side stairs redesign at Aloha or the new barn floor at Lanakila/Hulbert
  7. It shovels snow
  8. It supports the teaching of our Success Counseling philosophy
  9. It provides campers with an opportunity to learn ukulele and guitar
  10. It repairs cabins and tent platforms
  11. It pays for the summer shows
  12. It means we can keep valuable traditions AND try new things
  13. It creates the magic of an overnight pack or three-day canoe trip
  14. It gives people positive experiences in the outdoors
  15. It tends our gardens
  16. It picks campers up from airports and train stations
  17. It is peppermint stick ice cream
  18. It offers leadership and counselor training to staff
  19. It builds confidence, creates opportunities, gives exposure, teaches lessons, and changes lives

#AlohaGivingTuesday starts here!