How will you bring camp home this summer?

Although we can’t be together in Fairlee this summer, we all have opportunities to bring our best selves to our families, neighborhoods, and the world. Each week we will share a new theme with videos, blog posts, and activity suggestions to give you ideas and inspiration to create your own summer experience. Scroll down to find ways to keep learning, exploring, reflecting, and creating fun this summer. Check this page regularly for updates and additional ideas. Please share your stories, photos, and videos of what you are doing this summer!

Week 6: You Can Do Hard Things

At camp, we often talk about our ability to do hard things. We push ourselves to try new things, build our skills, and take risks. These past months have been a test of and (hopefully) a testament to this idea. This week is a great chance to reset your thinking, take a deep breath, think about your accomplishments, and ready yourself to take your best self, your courage, your determination, and your camp spirit into the months ahead. We believe that you can do hard things! 

Want to improve your photography skills?  Get a free lesson here from our resident expert, Jenn!
Try Aloha’s Solo Sunday experience! Read Shaira’s thoughts on how quiet time alone can help you reflect, recharge, and re-imagine yourself!
Who and what has helped you become who you are? An I AM FROM poem is a great way to express yourself.
What news are you most interested in? The Eggers give their “Intellect Intel” with all the Arts & Science news you need right now.
Do you have a big challenge you want to take on? Get inspired by Liz’s story of going from a non-runner to a half marathon.
When life gets tough, take time to clear your mind and remember camp. Watch the brook while Helen guides you to your calm.
Have a cause you want to fight for or change you want to see? Emily explains how to be an activist.
Do you like to build creative and quirky solutions? Get familiar with Rube Goldberg Machines and create your own!
Do you know a second language? Clara teaches some ASL (American Sign Language) phrases and a camp song!
We filmed a Trip Leader Cooking Competition tv show and the results were incredible. Check it out!
Want a fun challenge for your family and friends? Try the Bull Ring Cup Stack Challenge like Ross, Val & Norman.
Listen to this week’s counselor playlist!
What do you know about Samuel Morey? Hal tells you the story. What story do you want to know and teach others?
Does folding a fitted sheet neatly sound impossible? Gordo shows you how to get the perfect fold every time. What’s your special skill?
Practice Gratitude! Take a photo, make a note, or write in your journal about one thing each day that brings you joy. Share with a friend.
How do you know what you’re capable of accomplishing? Nick Wood recalls lessons and victories from the 5-day pack.
Aidan is learning to unicycle! What fun challenge are you taking on?
Enter the Visualize Vermont Art Contest for kids & teens with art that shows your favorite place, activity, or hope for VT. Click here for details!
Miss something from the previous weeks’ activities? Check them out here!
Share what you’ve been doing this summer! Send us a photo, video, or email at campconnections@