Vermont's Camp Lanakila graced the cover of Life Magazine in 1939
Vermont's Camp Lanakila graced the cover of Life Magazine in 1939

The recent hot weather in Vermont has provided a great excuse to take Lanakila’s Viking Ship out for frequent sails on Lake Morey. The sunny and hot conditions that have prevailed in Fairlee, VT since the 4th of July have allowed for lots of creative fun in the cool waters of Morey, as well as in the brook that runs behind the Campcraft Building en route to the lake.  In addition to exploring in the brook, enjoying a quick trip down the slippery slide at the swim docks or exploring the shoreline from a canoe or kayak, an expedition in the Viking Ship has been a favorite camper activity since before Life Magazine put this intrepid sailor on its cover in 1939.  The faces may have changed, but the fun, tradition and learning continue decade after decade at Vermont’s Aloha Camps.  Each sultry afternoon this week, the Viking Ship has set sail with a band of valiant vikings ready for adventure.

Tonight marks the beginning of the 2010 Show Weekend and all Aloha, Hive and Lanakila are gussied up and ready to welcome parents, friends and alumni!

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  1. I believe the LIFE Magazine cover was 1941. I say that because that was my first year at Lanakila and I remember the cover. However, it could have been a year or tow earlier. I have no idea who the boy was. Maybe if it was 1941, I might remember the name so my guess as to the year may be a bit late.

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