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Summer Day Camp


program for kindergarten-7th grade graduates

Camp Overview

Horizons Day Camp is located on Lake Fairlee with 150 acres of inviting fields, woodlands, and trails. Horizons campers explore a rich array of activities, run by our high-caliber staff—then go home to bed at night—tired and happy. From archery and boating to swimming and drama, campers spend time in each of our 11 departments throughout their session. Participants also enjoy special whole camp activities and unique events that take place throughout the session. Campers spend time in assigned groups which are scheduled to rotate through all departments. They have free choice of activities for the majority of afternoons. Group placements are made with great care, considering factors such as prior camp experience, school, age, and developmental needs.

  • Apply to the Horizons 2023 waiting list today! While all sessions are currently full for the summer, we do anticipate some withdrawals in the weeks and months ahead and encourage families to apply to the waiting list. We will be in touch right away if a spot opens up for your child(ren).
  • Our youngest campers are Kindergarten graduates.
  • Learn more about our Apprentice Program.



2023 Dates & Rates

Session 1 K-7th grade graduates
June 26 - July 7
Session 2 K-7th grade graduates
July 10 - July 21
Session 3 K-7th grade graduates
July 24 - August 4
Session 4 K-6th grade graduates
August 7 - August 11
1st yr. Apprentice 8th grade graduates
July 10 - July 21 or
July 24 - August 4
2nd yr. Apprentice 9th grade graduates
July 10 - August 4

2023 Dates & Rates

Session 1 K-7th grade graduates
June 26 - July 7
Session 2 K-7th grade graduates
July 10 - July 21
Session 3 K-7th grade graduates
July 24 - August 4
Session 4 K-6th grade graduates
August 7 - August 11
1st yr. Apprentice 8th grade graduates
July 10 - July 21 or
July 24 - August 4
2nd yr. Apprentice 9th grade graduates
July 10 - August 4
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Welcome to Horizons!

Horizons is a very special place and unique to the region. Operating in a similar fashion to our residential camps, but in a day camp setting, campers experience a huge breadth of programming through our diverse activity departments and frequent special events. There is a strong focus on the lessons learned through challenging ourselves in different ways. We see the experiences we facilitate as opportunities to help campers learn about themselves, building resilience, self-awareness, independence, and personal growth. Horizons Day Camp values relationship-building and chooses to keep technology away from our experience so we can focus on each other while becoming immersed in the program on a beautiful campus. And, we have a bucket full of fun at the same time! 

– Stuart Fairbairn, Horizons Program Director

“My child is already asking to go back to Horizons. He loved the variety of activities—swimming, canoeing, archery, etc.—as well as his counselors.”

Horizons Parent

“From a parent perspective, Horizons was an environment that allowed my child to be silly, be in a natural outdoor environment, learn new things, while maintaining respectful engagement—this whole package was wonderful.”

Horizons Parent

“Great job once again! The Aloha Foundation sure knows how to work powerfully with kids!”

Horizons Parent


The Horizons schedule allows campers to enjoy each of the 11 departments throughout their session. Each department employs highly trained staff to facilitate that department's activities. They are supported by group/unit staff who join departments with their camper group.


Archery is set on a range with a three-mile valley view. Quality instruction focusing on safety and proper form is combined with fun activities like dinosaur shoots, aiming games that involve teamwork, and archery tournaments in a variety of formats.

Arts & Crafts

The Arts & Crafts barn is filled with the creativity, imagination, inspiration, and materials needed to create individual and group projects out of cloth, wood, clay, paint, beads, leather, metal, yarn, and more. The possibilities are endless!


The Boating department offers campers the opportunity to learn paddling skills. In canoes or kayaks, children exploring the open waters of Lake Fairlee and the small tributary that runs under the Horizons foot bridge.

Drama & Music

In the Lodge, home of our Drama & Music department, campers try out whacky improv and crazy costumes. They create puppet shows and imaginative skits. Those looking for even more theatre might choose to act or work behind the scenes on set and costumes for our end-of-session performances.

Field Games & Court Sports

Horizons’ large field, basketball, tennis and pickleball courts see lots of action between our two sports departments. Alongside some unique Horizons games, campers revel in activities such as Quidditch, dodgeball, tag games, soccer, frisbee, and kickball. We enjoy friendly competition with an emphasis on cooperation and sportsmanship.


Another popular sport at Horizons is gymnastics in a large, airy studio with a variety of equipment including beams, floor mats, low bars, and spring boards. Campers develop greater coordination and body awareness through a range of skills practice, challenging games and some additional voluntary extras such as dance, stretching and mindfulness.


Exploring the natural world is an important part of the Horizons experience. Campers take advantage of our forests, wetlands and meadow, building links between the diversity of organisms (including human), and their respective roles in the overall wellbeing of our ecosystems.


Horizons’ fleet of sailboats is used by novice sailors under the supervision and instruction of counselors or soloed by campers who have passed their skipper's test. Campers interested in racing enjoy sailing regattas with other camps.


At our welcoming waterfront, campers play in the sand and swim in Lake Fairlee. Through small group swimming lessons with our experienced staff and fun free swim games, campers see improvements in skill and comfort.

Campers on a hike, looking at a view of a lake.


The Tripping department takes campers into the beautiful hills and mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire for wilderness hiking adventures. Older campers also learn camping skills on an overnight trip and venture to our other camps on Lake Morey to challenge themselves and support each other on a high ropes course or climbing tower.

Daily Schedule

Horizons campers are assigned to a camper group of 10-12 children and 2-3 counselors. During Unit Time, two groups combine to form a unit. Each unit has a specific intentional space and additional support staff. Younger groups have two full time counselors to guide and support them during transitions and activity periods. Older groups transition themselves and have assigned staff all other times.


  • 8:30 – 8:40 am – Campers arrive by bus or car 
  • 8:45 am – Camp begins!
  • 8:45 – 9:15 am – Unit Time (Campers learn about the day, connect with friends and counselors, and enjoy down-time activities.)
  • 9:15 – 9:40 am – Assembly (singing, stories, sharing, performances, announcements)
  • 9:40 – 10:35 am – First activity period (camper groups assigned to 1 of 11 activity departments)
  • 10:35 – 11:40 am – Second activity period and Snack – (camper groups assigned to 1 of 11 activity departments)
  • 11:40 – 12:30 pm – Third activity period (camper groups assigned to 1 of 11 activity departments)


  • 12:30 – 1:00 pm – Unit Time (free time in Units, wash up and table setting)
  • 1:00 – 1:45 pm – Lunch
  • 1:45 – 2.15 pm – Unit Time (quiet focused activities after lunch)
  • 2:20 – 3:05 pm – Fourth activity period (campers choose from a wide variety of activities)
  • 3:05 – 3:55 pm – Fifth activity period (campers choose from a wide variety of activities)
  • 3:55 – 4:30 pm – Unit Time (free time in Units, prepare for departure)
  • 4:30 pm – Time to go home!



We believe that eating together is essential to creating community and encouraging authentic interactions. Campers are involved as table helpers, recyclers, and composters. We take pride in the supplier relationships we have established with local growers and farm stands nearby in Vermont and New Hampshire. Our kitchen is nut-free and we can accommodate many medically-dictated dietary requirements but are not equipped to handle all dietary restrictions. We offer vegetarian options, gluten-free options, and dairy-free options, but are not able to guarantee a vegan option. We cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination from food ingredients from facilities that also process nuts, dairy, or gluten products.

Arrival and Departure

Bus Transportation

Horizons offers bus service for an additional fee ($120 per 2-week session, $60 for the 1-week session). Families must sign up in advance (on your camp application), as space is limited. Campers may choose a different morning and afternoon location but the bus stop must be the same from day-to-day.

  • Campion Rink:  bus leaves 8:00 am, returns approximately 5:10 pm
  • Marion Cross School:  bus leaves at 8:10 am, returns approximately 5:00 pm
  • Lyme Elementary School:  bus leaves at 8:20 am, returns approximately 4:50 pm
  • Thetford Elementary School: bus leaves at 8:25 am, returns approximately 4:45 pm

An adult must remain present at the bus stop until the chaperone releases them. Campers must be signed in and out each day. Campers are expected to follow the bus rules. If the bus is running late, you will be notified by email and/or phone.

Dropoff and Pickup at Camp

Drop off is by the tennis courts (3878 VT Route 244) between 8:30-8:40 am. Pick up is at the same location at 4:30 pm.

Authorized Pickup Person(s)

All adults (including parents) should be prepared to show ID and sign out their child, whether pickup occurs at Horizons or at a bus stop. If someone other than a parent or guardian will pick up your camper, we must have a note to that effect (you can authorize other adults within the Parent Portal). If your camper has permission to ride a bike or walk home alone please let us know. The camp is not liable for campers after they leave camp property, or the Campion, Marion, Thetford and Lyme bus stops.

Changes in Transportation

If your camper will be out sick, is running late, or will need to leave early, please contact the Horizons Office at 802-333-3450 or camphorizonsoffice@alohafoundation.org. Except in these extenuating circumstances, we are generally unable to accommodate requests for transportation changes as lists for bus chaperones are printed a week in advance. Thank you for your understanding!

Campers waiting for a school bus.

Special Events

Final Friday Open Houses On the last day of our two-week sessions, we invite camper families to join us at 3:30 pm for a chance to meet Horizons counselors and enjoy a taste of Horizons. More details will be shared at the start of your camper’s session.

Second Tuesday Overnight On the second Tuesday of each two-week session, Horizons offers older campers the opportunity to join us for an overnight. This optional campout is offered to 3rd – 7th graders. More information and a permission slip will be sent home at the start of each session. 

Horizons campers running on a field.

Equity and Inclusion

We strive to ensure that each person who participates in our programs feels valued for who they are and what they bring to the community. We aim to create environments where everyone is included, considered, and celebrated. The diverse identities and perspectives people bring to our programs enrich our learning experiences together, and we strive to create a sense of belonging for everyone during their time at the Alohas. We invite you to learn more on our equity and inclusion page.

Campers walking up a hill.

Registration is now open!

We encourage families to read through the details in the tabs below before applying.

Creating an Account

When you are ready to apply, click on Enroll from any camp page. You will be asked to enter your email address to get started. New families may have an account already from when you inquired – enter your email and click on Get Started.” The system will either prompt you to create a new account or it will ask you to enter your password. Click on “Forgot Password” to choose your own password. 


Applications are available beginning on January 10. We have a limited number of spaces in each age group and we encourage families to apply early. Please only apply to sessions your camper plans to attend (do not apply to backup sessions). Your camper will be enrolled in all the sessions you select (as space allows). Choose your camper’s division (Kindergarten Grads, New Campers, or Returner Campers), and be sure to enter the grade your child will be finishing in June 2023, as placement is based on grade. 

We hope that every child has the opportunity to attend Horizons regardless of their family’s financial situation. Support is extended to families who demonstrate a wide range of financial needs. When awarding aid, priority is given to returning campers, then their siblings, then new families. Our goal is to make it sustainable for a family to send their children to camp for multiple years. We encourage families to apply early as funding is limited. Email our Associate Director of Enrollment at karen_danforth@alohafoundation.org with any questions.


Horizons welcomes children who have graduated from grades Kindergarten – 7th grade. Campers are placed in groups based on their grade. When filling out the application, please be sure to list your child’s grade for the current school year (2022/2023).

8th grade graduates may apply to the 1st Year Apprentice Program (either session 2 or 3). 9th grade graduates may apply to the 4-week 2nd Year Apprentice Program.

All families should read and understand the Terms & Conditions before applying. This applies to returning camper families as well.

Camp Readiness and Enrollment Paperwork

Camp Readiness: Participants must be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally to participate fully in camp. Families should read these terms & conditions thoroughly and review the information on our website prior to enrolling in camp.

Enrollment Paperwork: You agree to complete all camp paperwork accurately, thoroughly, and on time. You agree to inform us if your child is enrolled in an Individualized Education Program or 504 Plan, receives other special social-emotional or behavioral support, or has any physical, mental, or behavioral condition that may impact their camp experience and/or the camp community. You consent to The Foundation contacting you and your child’s service provider(s) and/or medical professional(s) to develop a plan to help your child succeed at camp. You understand that clear and timely communication is essential to setting your child up for success.

Tuition and Refund Policies

Tuition is due March 1. If your tuition is not received by the deadline, your child’s spot and deposit may be forfeited. (Exceptions are made for campership recipients on a pre-approved payment plan.)

Late Payments: A finance charge of 1% per month, and any collection fees incurred, may be added to all payments. Delinquent accounts may result in forfeiture of your child’s spot at camp and any payments made to date.  

Withdrawal Policy: Deposits and tuition are non-refundable after the deadlines. No reduction or refund of tuition is made for late arrival, early departure, missed days, withdrawal for emotional or medical reasons, or any other cause.   

Tuition Protection Plans: The Aloha Foundation does not offer a tuition protection plan. We strongly encourage families to purchase a tuition protection plan. Please be sure you understand the limits, coverage, and benefits offered prior to purchasing coverage through an insurance company. Plan options vary and exclusions may apply. Tuition protection may be limited to certain emergency situations or expenses and may not cover cancellations for any reason or in a non-emergency. 

Assumption of Financial Responsibility: The individual submitting the camp application agrees to assume responsibility for the full tuition and fees. Assumption of financial responsibility extends to third-party (ex-spouse, grandparent, etc.) payment arrangements.  

Camp Dismissal: There are occasions when a child must be dismissed from camp due to ill health, disciplinary issues, or because they are not adjusting physically, psychologically, or emotionally. We will notify the parents/guardians to evaluate the situation and plan the best course of action. We reserve the right to dismiss any participant if, in our opinion, it is in the best interest of the camp.

Medical Information

Health Forms: You agree to complete the Health History Form accurately, thoroughly, and on time. You understand that the Aloha Foundation may request additional information regarding your child’s physical and mental health. 

Medical Expenses and Treatment: You understand that you are responsible for your child’s medical expenses, including deductibles, and co-pays. You consent to emergency medical treatment for the camper if the Foundation, in its sole discretion determines it to be necessary. In the event of a medical emergency, you consent to The Foundation contacting you and other emergency contacts whom you have provided. 

Immunizations: You understand that your child is required to be vaccinated according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization guidelines AND the Vermont Department of Health immunization schedules. Religious or philosophical exemptions are not accepted. Medical exemptions are only granted for conditions established by the CDC or the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and only when a Medical Exemption Form has been submitted and approved by our medical team. 

Insurance: All participants are required to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan.

Dietary Restrictions: You understand that while we provide guidance to children when it comes to allergies, preferences, and food restrictions, they must be able to manage their snacks and meals independently. Our camp kitchens are nut-free and we can accommodate many medically-dictated dietary requirements but are not equipped to handle all dietary restrictions. We offer vegetarian options, dairy-free options, and gluten-free options at every meal, but are not able to guarantee a vegan option. We cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination from food ingredients from facilities that process nuts, dairy, or gluten products. Should your child have dietary restrictions, we request that you reach out as early as possible to discuss their needs with our medical team.

Bus Transportation

Bus Transportation: You understand that the Horizons bus service is available on a first-come, first-served basis to families who sign up in advance. This service provides transportation to/from Lebanon/Hanover, Norwich, Lyme, and Thetford for an additional fee ($120 for 2-week sessions and $60 for the 1-week session). Families may sign up through their online accounts. Travel fees will be added to your camper’s statement and are due when tuition is due. Campers are expected to follow the bus rules.

Other Terms & Conditions

You consent to your child participating in all regular Camp activities, both on and off camp grounds, and accept the fact that some of these involve inherent risks. By permitting your child to attend and participate in Camp activities, The Aloha Foundation and its agents, employees, and volunteers are released from any and all claims for damage arising out of injury to your child while participating in any and all activities including, but not limited to: gymnastics, biking, hiking, rock climbing, all waterfront activities, all land-sports activities – including archery, riflery, climb tower, ropes course, team and individual sports, crafts activities and fine arts programs. Such activities may occur on-site or off-site in Vermont or other states.  

You consent to the use of photographs or videos of your child to be used in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of The Aloha Foundation.

Packing List

Campers should dress for the weather as they will spend lots of time outdoors. Please label all belongings and refer to our Lost & Found policy if an item turns up missing during your child’s session. T-shirts, shorts, hard-soled shoes (sneakers), and a warm layer are essential. In addition, please be sure your camper packs the following each day:

In backpack or tote bag:

  • bathing suit & beach towel
  • small bottle of sunscreen
  • water bottle

And if weather requires…

  • raincoat
  • extra sweater or sweatshirt
  • sweatpants

Please leave the following items at home:

  • electronic games, iPods, cell phones
  • food, (unless arranged with the camp nurse in advance)
  • money
  • sports equipment (we will provide everything your camper

Lost and Found Policy

It’s our goal to have campers take all their belongings home with them at the end of each day. Sometimes we find orphaned articles of clothing or other possessions looking for their owners. Here’s what happens with lost and found items.

  • Any excessively dirty or wet items, single socks, or undergarments will be discarded.
  • We’ll store lost and found items at the camp for a maximum of 10 days after each session except for the last session when items will only be kept until the last day of camp.
  • If we do not receive a request for the item within 10 days, it will be discarded, used for camp, or donated.

How do I get my stuff back?

If you’ve left something at camp, here’s how to get it back: Contact camp as soon as you notice the item missing. Give us a call (802) 333-3450 or send an email to: camphorizonsoffice@alohafoundation.org. Give a description of the lost item and your camper’s name.

To avoid losing items, we highly recommend labeling all of your camper’s personal belongings.

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Let’s Connect

We offer camps and programs for people of all ages. Let’s talk about you, your child, your family – and discover together which experience you would value most. There are many options and possibilities!