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An aerial view of the Lanakila/Hulbert campus.


The Aloha Foundation sustains 1,300 acres of woodlands, fields, and meadows in the picturesque Vermont countryside. Its five campuses are situated on neighboring lakes – Lake Morey and Lake Fairlee – in central Vermont.

The Aloha Foundation’s year-round office, the All Aloha Center, is located on the Lanakila/Hulbert campus on Lake Morey.

Special Sense of Place

If you ask campers, families, or past participants about their experience in Aloha Foundation programs, chances are one of the first things they will mention is our beautiful location in the heart of Vermont, home to cool mountains and pristine waters nestled in vast swaths of uninhabited land.

Like our programs, Vermont offers something for everyone – from epic outdoor adventures to quiet, restorative evenings gazing at the stars.

A sense of place is a unique collection of qualities and characteristics that provide meaning to a location – and make our physical surroundings worth caring about.


By the Numbers

  • 1,333 acres
  • 257 buildings
  • 154 tent decks
  • 2,000 lineal feet of docks
  • 24 sailboats
  • 85 canoes
  • 30 rowboats
  • 50 kayaks
  • 205 toilets
  • 190 fire extinguishers
  • 2.5 miles of roads
  • 20 vans, trucks, tractors
  • 3 commercial mowers
  • 13 trailers
A landscape with a lake surrounded by a forest.

Let’s Connect

We offer camps and programs for people of all ages. Let’s talk about you, your child, your family – and discover together which experience you would value most. There are many options and possibilities!