More Than 100 Years of Magical Summers for Young Girls

Since 1915, Hive has been a natural place for a girl to discover the person she really wants to  be. Each summer Hive campers build a strong camp community – encouraging, supporting and caring for one another, while forging lifelong relationships.  At camp, we intentionally leave behind some of the distractions of our daily worlds: We wear simple uniforms, so clothes styles aren’t a focus of our days. Cell phones and other electronics stay at home, and we talk to each other face-to-face instead. We make our own music together. And write letters home, with actual paper and pen!

Hivers learn the true value each and every camper brings to the community: interests, knowledge, experiences, skills and ideas to share with tent, table and activity mates. And with the help of outstanding mentors trained in the art of Success Counseling, Hivers learn to address physical, social and psychological challenges with self awareness and creativity. So every Hiver takes true value away from camp, too, into her life at home and in school: new ways of thinking, acting and doing, learned among friends and mentors without even studying.

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